E-Musikgruppe Lux Ohr – Spiralo – Svart Records

Experimental krautrock from Finland.

As you may know, krautrock was a terminology coined by John Peel in 1970’s  to classify a kind of music that was being made in Germany by the beginnings of that decade. One of the most prominent names was Tangerine Dream and their classic albums Electronic Meditation and Phaedra. Another band that dabbled with experimentalism in the very beginning of their career and ultimately became the blueprint of electronic music was Kraftwerk.

Both bands have influences on the sound of this Finnish band from Turku. Of course E-Musikgruppe Lux Ohr is more than just aping krautrock acts but they have a strong influence of Brian Eno and other ambient and dark ambient artists as well.

The CD is subdivided in two long tracks: Spiralo 1 and Spiralo 2.

First number sets the archetype of the rest of the album, of course changing progressively as the songs go. Kind of tribal sound with some electronic touches and a spatial vibe in the background that gains traction minute by minute. The elements are appearing enriching the experience of the listener to an aural catharsis. Occasionally the track loses some elements in order to not become an undistinguishable kind of noise and they master the art of give and take. After that the song loses momentum as a tact to introduce the other track.

Spiralo 2 (which has the same time of 1 – nine minutes and ten seconds) starts as a Dark Ambient piece impossible to fathom at the first seconds, but with a strong space rock influence. Then other elements invade the song like that bemused part in Pink Floyd‘s Atom Heart Mother Suite. Then the drones come and some coy riffs give textures to the soundscape ahead while the sound becomes even trippier and buzzing. By this time the sound starts to gain pulse, and by the minute 10 everything starts to make sense and it gains melody and traction. Electronic but with a strong sense of progressive rock. It’s simply marvelous.

 Spiralo is an album to those who know how to admire good songs and are connected to the forgotten past of music. If it’s not utterly innovative, it has great moments and I totally regain my faith in music when I hear a band like this in 2014.

Spiralo is going to be released on May 2nd on Svart Records. 

(Daniel Death)

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