Erebus Enthroned – Temple Under Hell – W.T.C.Productions / Seance Records

Nuclear Fire from Down Under

Erebus Enthroned is one of my fave bands simply because they come from Oz. Okay simple because, coming from OZ, they have the quality. I’m a long time fan of bands like Impetuous Ritual, Cemetery Urn, Grave Upheaval, Denouncement Pyre, and Erebus Enthroned follow the die hard tradition of brutal and unrelenting bands coming from Australia.

That been said, they are back with their sophomore full length called Temple Under Hell after the excellent Night’s Black Angel and they always mean quality in noisy quantities.

The CD has 7 songs and first one, a demented ode to the gods of the abyss called Sorathic Pentecost clocks in at 10 minutes of variations and vortexes that will leave the listener confused and in awe: take my word, this is ONLY for initiated. Changes of riffs and tempos are constant and the vocals are like bellows from the chasm uttering words of desolation or simply diabolical glossolalia.

Another highlight is Crucible of Vitriol with the fretwork throwing up riffs of demonic persuasion and with the heaviest rhythm session around: the bass lines give extra density to the obnoxious undercurrent musical barbarism. Over again you have to be attentive to changes of phrases because they occur all the time and due to the production it is very difficult to get together the pieces of the puzzle. In other words: POSERS will never get this kind of music.

Void Wind has the most brutal drums and it’s the perfect mix of death black: the riffs are totally black but the atmosphere is so dim that it becomes almost like a grindcore act. It’s not, because of the heaviness of the production that manage to keep things in place. This time around the bass and guitars follow one distinctive direction leaving the drummer to destroy his kit. Maybe this is the best song of the album but with a lot of highlights it’s difficult to say so.

Temple Under Hell is a timeless album of an era when all music is disposable. They bring about an album that will remain a classic for the times to come. It’s essential for those who seek for a brutal, yet organic album!

Temple Under Hell  is going to be released on April 30th on W.T.C.Productions / Seance Records

(Daniel Death)

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