Nightsatan – Nightsatan And The Loops Of Doom – Svart / Solina / Twisted Films

Kinematic Lasermetal

The Laser metal gods (?????) Nightsatan are back with an album which is soundtrack of the film of the same name of the album. The movie, per se, is an homage to Italian Post Apocalyptic movies. I honestly never saw one in my life and is very strange a band from Turku dubbing in Italian.

They practice what some people call “synthetic doom sound”. I suppose that is what the laser metal is all about.

The songs are complete parts of the upcoming cult movie and are doomed to become cult as well. In the movie they are somewhere placed in a world of looping and looping is what they do best.

Songs like Doom Doom Girl are quite mysterious which maintains the atmosphere of “what the fuck is happening ” of the movie.

The arcane title The Secret of the Mystery (yes they committed that) would be laughable if the sequenced song wasn’t good.

Nightmare In The Night Doomsday Judgement is a masterpiece of laser metal (which I’m still wondering what it is) and contains quite cinematic sequences that might as well be in a Hollywood flick.

All in all if you’re addicted to soundtracks and laser metal this soundtrack is for you. Don’t forget to buy the CD which comes with the DVD with the movie and everything will make sense. Maybe not, but it is fun as fuck!

Nightsatan And The Loops Of Doom  is going to be released on May 9th on Svart / Solina / Twisted Films

(Daniel Death)

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