Floor – Oblation (Season of Mist)

The American cult of Stoner Doom is back with a cult album!

Although Floor being virtually active since 1992 recording a lot of EP’s and two albums they called it quits some ten years ago but reunited in 2010. Their releases alleged have a cult following worldwide and they decided to release a new album now.

They dropped the bass in favor of twin down-tuned guitars to give the doomish effect the band has.

Oblation consists in 14 songs of pure stoner desolation, and while they are from Florida and of course, have some strange “British” post-rock vocals and Southern sounds, they are indeed very heavy metal remembering acts like Pentagram, and Saint Vitus and why not saying Cathedral and Witchfinder General?

The songs are kind of short for the style they make and it is an advantage because even being snail paced, the CD retains the quality of surprise and the songs are always rotating.

For example between the first track Oblation and third track Trick Scene, the vocals of Anthony Vialon change substantially from post-punk laments to Ozzy-esque voice. He is the highlight of the album: in the song Find Away he sings as if he’s in the halfway in the timemachine directly to 1970’s. The bassless rhythm session secures him the right structure in his quest to the unexplored world of southern heavy-psych music.

The Key is a 46 seconds trip into pure heavy metal. Crazy!

But the best song is War Party with his remarkable vocals… One may not like the way he sings, but this song will be into your mind for a long time.

Sign of Aeth is a heavy trip into the organic sound of stoner desert metal!

Floor and its Oblation are surprisingly good and different from the other bands of the style in the way they build their blitzkrieg of psychedelic sounds. This album is set to become another cult between their followers.

Oblation is out now on Season of Mist.

(Daniel Death)

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