Neglektum – Blasphemer (Goathorned Productions)

Swedish Melodic Black Tradition

Neglektum is a relatively new Black Metal band from Sweden and their sound is very similar to the likes of Lord Belial and Naglfar.

The opener, title track, is an epic journey through the satanic aeons of hate and desolation. Although kinda simple in construction the track has a lot of (long) phrases and it’s very progressive in nature remembering the old structures of a band like Setherial but with less velocity and condensed on variations.

Infernal Declaration of Hate is the continuation of this modus operandi but with half of time.

While Begotted Son (Forgotten) is not so different from the first two tracks, the next called Salvation is a beautiful interlude of acoustic guitars taking the listener to a mystical trip through the ages unknown.

Babalon has the purest black metal riffs and an outstanding cadence making it the traditional of traditional: no gimmicks here brother! Just straight Black Fucking Metal Kvlt. The next track Death’s curse follows the very same gestalt but this time the highlight is the vocals and the melody (what people nowadays are calling “atmospheric”) behind the satanic work.

Last opus Dies Irae is subdivided in two parts: the first one in a short prelude made in a piano. The Second part is pure satanic Nordic attack. As I said before, the quality is overwhelming even if the band has no high profile technical skills. Eventually this is going to change in the near future, but they got to make excellent music with the weapons they had.

This album is a superior is a treatise to the occult and dark arts. Excellent release!


Blasphemer is out now on Goathorned Productions

(Daniel Death)

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