Strafk – Phaseshifting (Wraith Productions)

Mysterious Experimental Black Rock.

The arcane duo from Russia presents us their debut EP called Phaseshifting: one of the most Delphic releases of 2014 for sure.

The EP is subdivided into 4 phases:

Phase I – (Void)Stare: a noisy approach to the black rock with a unusual mix and a nonexistent mastering. The guitars are high pitched and the vocals are sunken in the final mix. The sound is very alike thrash but it could be death or even black. Or it could be none.

Phase II – Inner Distortion: inner guitars distortion distorts the whole thing, and this one is more casual black rock with the drumming sounding louder than the other instruments, as a improvisation, very interesting music but a bit “free jazz” in essence.

Phase III – Death and Decay of Your Identity: With a packed rhythmic session and a repetitive riff this one represents death… I could say it represents decay… I could say even more: It’s your identity which is obliterated in this odd sound. The iteration gives some sense of direction into the labyrinth towards the chasm of nothingness.

Phase IV – The New Embodiment: this is the final phase and of course the most interesting of them all: a dark ambient/noise sound, very high pitched it hurts, some pulses lost into the void, but completely understandable in its nonsensical trip. It has a lot of effects to satisfy eardrums avid for original sounds from the other side.

This EP is an ode to oddity. If you think planet earth is blue (and there’s nothing you could do) this is totally for you. I’ve got my share of noise arcane experimental sound with this reliable release. I do think you should get yours.

 Phaseshifting is going to be released on May 13th on Wraith Productions.

(Daniel Death)

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