Misery Index – The Killing Gods – Season of Mist

The exterminating brutal gods return to destroy!!!!

One of the things hard in this kind of work is to deliver a fair review when you’re talking about one of your fave bands: It’s hard to not be biased, but hell this is Misery Index and before listening to this album I KNEW it was very destructive and good.

They are one of the best inside brutal death metal and merging their sound with the very grindcore sound just makes an exponential damage to the ears!

First song is an instrumental a la Kreator (????) but as soon as it ends the unrelenting brutality starts with the track the Calling and its one billion phrases and blast beats to destroy the headbangers neck!

Soon The Oath, a brief interlude starts and the track Conjuring the Cull produces tons of striking musical madness with groove vocals but not modern sound, fuck it! They know their game and they know how to balance things perfectly as to not sound another fake modern band, they are the gods of this kind of music, and as every second passes, the excitement of the listener (in this case: ME) increases to brutal levels: the guitar work are PERFECT, no fucking flaws, no fucking quarter! The soloing aligned with the drumming in the backdrop makes me shake my head while I listen and write at the same time (actually I listened to this a dozen times before pen it, but what’s good deserves several spins)

But a track that called my attention was the seventh one called Cross to Bear, what a freaking insane songwriting and execution, brutal to the core, and the vocals are really on the spot. This song is a changing of tempos that goes from groovy heaviness to a derailed train in an insane velocity.  They put so many variations that although it’s very hard to get the song for the first time, it becomes eventually a favorite of the whole album. Creativity is what they deliver…

Another highlight is the track Sentinels and its psychotic sound just throw us in the middle of war: mosh pits guaranteed if this song is played live. Short phrases infuse its two minutes of brutality.

It’s important to notice that John Gallagher from their almost twin band Dying Fetus does guest vocals in the killer penultimate track Colony Collapse. Can an album get more extreme than this???

Last track called Heretics is so noisy it’s a candidate to the most brutal song of the year, what a total shattering tune, its guitar seethes through the mind and cause blisters in the memory. Deliciously destructive and a ready classic.

Misery Index, over fucking again, got to deliver a first grade work with this new album The Killing Gods, and if you’re a fan you WON’T be let down. If you’re not, it’s prolly because you WERE listening to Rihanna while lying to your friends you were a death metal fan! Go get your copy now, and destroy everything in sight!

The Killing Gods is out NOW on Season of Mist.

(Daniel Death)

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Swarþ – Omines Pestilentiae DLP – Iron Bonehead

Mysterious discography of this quasi-non-existent band.

Swarþ (presumably pronounced Swarth) is a mysterious black metal entity whose discography was released in somewhat irregular releases (inside the titles says: UNTITLED) and now it’s seeing a complete re-reading by Iron Bonehead in a double LP, each side containing a release: Side A is Swarþ 2012 demo which 2 songs, side B is Þy Tayl is Deeþ Þurgh Þyn Envenymynge (demo 2013), side C is Mors Rex Salvator Hominum (unreleased demo version) and side D is Mors Rex Salvator Hominum (proper EP released in 2013 as well).

The songs of the A side for example are repetitive and cavernous kind of ultra primitive black metal (not exactly RAW BLACK METAL) because there is enough heaviness and the production is good but the songs are truly pristine in essence of containing two phrases and that’s that. Cult as fuck!

Side B is not so different, and the vocals are interred in a kind of Krieg approach of their black metal, utterly radical and twisted, there are plenty of effects and the quality is not subpar (maybe because the release was remastered) but who knows? The fact is that the vile stench of putrid miasma permeates the whole ambient and this is really for the most die-hard and dedicated collectors of this kind of underground music.

Side C, I presume, it’s a pre-production of the EP, and the quality of the sound is also very good for the patterns of this band, this time around the songs being more depressive in nature, like a walking cadaver seeking to return to life: the Tom Warrior-esque UHHHHHH are so convincing that you wouldn’t want to hear it alone in a forest… then the track gains traction but the cadaveric vocals continues there along with the iteration of drums and the lyrics are really inspirational: ughhhh, ohhhhggg, ahhhhhhh, wwwwhuuuu, aaaarrgghhh, this is poetry in high scale and T.S. Eliot couldn’t be better… sorry Thomas… The guitars follow the rhythmic session and when one subtly changes so does the other.

Side D continues the binge and it’s not that different, one has to be really attentive to the details about production, but the songs have a different approach of the so called “demo version”. Anyway it’s something very upbeat.

Omines Pestilentiae is an album that makes no sense listening to it in mp3 or any other digital media: this is essentially an item for collectors and if I was you I was ordering this release right away!! This is a kind of record that has to be in a frame on the wall: Highly recommended for mega radical cultists and collectors.

Omines Pestilentiae DLP is out now on Iron Bonehead.


(Daniel Death)

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Ninth Circle – Legions Of The Brave – Pure Rock Records

Glorious Power Metal from SoCal!

Yes Los Angeles does have a band to represent the US power metal! Ninth Circle is that band: glorious vocals, good solos, with keyboards and mezzo-progressive/mezzo-neoclassical metal for the binge of the die hards of the style.

For example the track After the Rain is really good with inspired vocals following the European way of metal!

The song All or Nothing with angular phrases are one of the best of the album with a very Malmsteen feeling into it, although I think the vocals could be more aggressive but perhaps this was the result they were after, because they are so good musicians to have got the wrong guy, so yeah! It’s good.

The epic Living on the Sun with its Primal Fear aura permeating the song and alternating with melodic hard rock parts and the delicate but powerful vocals of Dennis Brown is actually impressive.

Arcturus Rising Part 2 is another piece of good music ideal to put in your car and drive through the highway. The vocals are very inspired in this one, and after a round of melodic music, the heaviest guitar takes place and intercalates with the keyboard giving it the the perfect balance. The solos are truly great and inspired…

Grinding the Bastards Down is more upbeat and straightforward metal, although, I repeat the vocals could be more aggressive in this one because of truer nature of the song!

There’s even a rad rendition of Deep Purple‘s Stormbringer: I loved it!

Legions Of The Brave is a good album that will go straight to the heart of true fans of melodic power metal!

Legions Of The Brave is going to be released on May 30th on Pure Rock Records

(Daniel Death)

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Mayhem – Esoteric Warfare – Season of Mist

The warfare is just about to begin!

Since their album Grand Declaration of War which was recorded some 14 years ago and brought a totally new experimental sound to the fold, Mayhem has been experiencing opposite reactions from their public. Well, those were other times, when they dared to mess up with the whole Black Metal intelligentsia, and leave Black Metallers confused.

Then the detractors appeared, claiming that the Scandinavian Black Metal was dead from that day on. Of course they were totally wrong, as the sound of Mayhem predicted those days became the norm of Norwegian scene since then and to great acclaim.

Now things are not that weird anymore and internet revealed far more experimental and eerie bands than Mayhem, but they are still on the front and that is just because they have the know-how to do so.

Esoteric Warfare is another chapter of the grandiosity of the one of the greatest bands that metal ever created: Angular songwriting, the oddly voice of Atilla and their technique aligned with some of the most up to date sounds of this era and here they prove with songs like Watcher and Psywar that they are still strongly relevant to the whole extreme music scene, not just Black Metal and of course not just Scandinavian Black Metal.

When each track progresses, so this relevance is little by little brought to the fore with a brutal song like Trinity with the pure velocity and riffs that defined the whole cult which is Mayhem even with a scorched earth production, dry guitars, emotionless (yet extremely technical drum work of Hellhammer). The introduction with the famous Oppenheimer quote “I’m become death, the destroyer of the worlds” just adds some more philosophical destruction to the tune..  This album is heavy, mystical and although some 15-year-old internet kiddos insist they are not the same anymore, it’s more metal than your fave band, because Necrobutcher and his cohorts have their roots in the distant past when their detractors weren’t even born…

The progression of Esoteric Warfare is unlimited and the insanity of Pandaemon is incredibly off the wall and even though it makes perfect sense to the ears.

One more thing utterly interesting in this album is that it doesn’t matter if the song clocks in at 2:00 or 6:00 minutes, they always keep the pace and cohesive factor that otherwise their sound might infer… It’s everything seamless and still in the snail paced parts they keep the attention of the fan, as in the song Milab which is the quintessence of Mayhem’s sound nowadays.

The guitar work of Teloch (Nidingr, ex-Gorgoroth) are perfectly fitted into their unprogressive lunacy, (highly musical skill granted), with songs that resemble segues into a Wagnerian opera, and some of them work as interludes as in the track VI.SEC.: fast change of phrases may occur, so be aware.

The great intermittencies of Throne of Time are the pinnacle of what Esoteric Warfare is all about: stoppages out of the blue and the change in bizarre vocalizations of Atilla makes the whole opvs gain more and more traction.

Even the incongruities of Corpse of Care winds up making whole sense in a backdrop of broken tempos and unconventional mix.

Posthuman transcends the ordinary order of the music itself: with just their artistic ideals they manage to trespass the frontier of originality and draw a line for themselves and let me say that Hellhammer just excels himself, maybe it’s his only technique or the mix has something to do with it, but anyway, it’s a sound to sore ears…

Aion Suntelia, the virtually last song of the album and its off-beats and backbeats leaves no doubt and the corollary is that Esoteric Warfare is a step ahead of the run-of-the-mill Black Metal that is being made today: perhaps that’s the reason some so-called black sceners rebuff the larger than life influence of Mayhem in the worldwide musical scenario. It’s hard to love what one cannot understand.

Into The Lifeless (Budapest Sessions) is a digital bonus that in this case serves as a postlude.

This is another tour de force of the greatest entity that is Mayhem: sometimes underrated under their own umbrella of extreme creation, they don’t really care to destroy everything and build it up again from the ground. By the end of the day this is art: pure black metal art!

Esoteric Warfare is out June 6th on Season of Mist.

(Daniel Death)

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Killgasm – A Stab in the Heart of Christ – Moribund

Morbid and Satanic grindcore….

The days of Seth Putman are over because we have Killgasm to fill the gap… well, nobody can fill Putman‘s place, much less Killgasm, but that’s all for the effect.

Presenting us their sophomore album which is a hybrid of grindcore and black metal with drums that seem programmed, everything here is repetitive, and set to destroy the listener’s mind with violent blowing to his head.

The songs have no highlights but I’d say that Revenge of the Panzergoat (hahahaha, what the fuck man?), High on Church Fumes and Fisting Your Faith are the epitome of the original mix they managed to create: iteration and black metal guitars, along with pig squeals, so maybe that explains the lack of proper mastering which would make the sound much more violent.

But that’s the point: they JUST DON’T WANT TO! This is the blasphemous sound of Killgasm, like it or not. Black Metal filthiness along with death/grind logic, buzzing guitars, hissing production and a helluva violent attitude just supbar to GG Allin

The artwork is second to none, as the sound inside, however I really wish that in the next time Killgasm put some more disgraceful music in it… You know disgrace is never enough and always good to have!!!!

A Stab in the Heart of Christ is going to be released on May 28th on Moribund

(Daniel Death)

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Funereal Presence – The Archer Takes Aim – The Ajna Offensive

Black Metal: The real deal

The USBM band Funereal Presence presents us with unrelenting piece of true black metal with no concession of any kind for its spiritual war in sonic form: the songs are ugly structured to stink in the tortuous riffs and diagonal songwriting forms a mass of divaricate phrases within longest song frameworks.

Buzzing guitars immersed behind the backdrop of uncanny rhythm session are the benchmark that permeates the whole toil with a coarse diabolic soundscape which is a bulwark of sensory wall that may or may not be off the grid: this is the impact of the first two arcane songs called the Tower Falls and The Archer Takes Aim.

Mythical and necromantic music affect the sonic conundrum of momentous deftly made music and thenceforth the opvs gain one more layer of enigmatic corking harsh BM. These moments are called Dämmerlicht and Gestalt des Endes: the latter is even more abrasive and the adamant drumming of sadness and destruction along with the otherworldly guitars in its 16 minutes just confirm that.

 The Archer Takes Aim is a collection of anthems for the most recondite black metaller, so if you’re into darkness evil spin it while some the candles are aflame for the ritual…

The Archer Takes Aim is going to be released on May 27th on The Ajna Offensive

(Daniel Death)

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Morbid Slaughter – Wicca – Boris Records

The Peruvian Kvlt of Blackened Thrash Metal.

South American cult is alive and everyday I am certain about that, if not in Brazil at least in the neighboring countries, and the Peruvian Morbid Slaughter comes to prove that with this EP called Wicca.

Fisrt song, self-titled, showcases a packed thrash metal attack with a raw production and harsh black metal vocals a la Vulcano, Nifelheim and Black Witchery. This is fast, filth and delivers the truest sentiment of hate against “christ”…

Nightly Breath of God is not shoddy and still delivers hate in high octane thrash/black metal from hell.

Barbarous and harsh as it can be, Morbid Slaughter is another name of the South American scene to keep in mind because they have competence to become a fixture in the radical world wide scene! I just can’t wait for their debut album!!!


Wicca is going to be released on May 31st on  Boris Records

(Daniel Death)

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Zoldier Noiz – Regression Process – Unspeakable Axe Records

Pure retro French Thrash Metal

Zoldier Noiz is a band from Montpellier, France which practices the rawest form of old thrash metal. Their sound is much alike a crossover between Discharge, Hellhammer and Loudblast: Thrash metal with a very punk sentiment into it.

The song structures are very simple and unprocessed tailor-made to sound like the noisiest band around. The solos are very bread-and-butter and are there just to complete the gaps like in the track Tomorrow Is Today.

But songs like Grave Crawler and Random Justice and their quasi-punk approach, or metal punk if you will, or Venom-esque if you will are the pure rough thrash European attack.

Regression Process is even rawer with a hardcore drumming and vocals brutally made.

Thirty Nine Forty Five is the punkest of them all clocking in at only one minute and fouty-seven seconds.

On the contrary a track like Dread Relieves is the mix between thrash and death.

Regression Process is a raw and obscure album only for die hards of bands such Cryptic Slaughter and the likes. A great and real work that doesn’t deceive their listeners, Zoldier Noiz delivers the real deal music for real deal guys.

Regression Process is going to be released on May 27th on Unspeakable Axe Records.

(Daniel Death)

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Chainreaction – A Game Between Good And Evil – Pure Underground Records

When boredom encounters metal!

Normally, the Germanic Heavy Metal bands, the true metal to be more exact, are the best bands in the world. Period. But every now and them appears a band to contradict the tradition.

This is the case with Chainreaction and its album  A Game Between Good And Evil. As the title already says they are on the fence on everything: production, songwriting and execution of the songs.

Songs like Straight from Hell promise fire and destruction and delivers a lackluster heavy metal with a dispirited female vocalist: they want to be the good guys in heavy metal and haven’t realized that Heavy Metal is about toxic music. Anyway it remembers that band that nobody remembers: Chariot (UK).

Be Honest is the dishonest to the core, the good message behind it sounds like a big fail and is boring to hell.

But the corollary is the last track Born to Rock: she says, totally unconvinced by his own words: “we are born to rock, we are here to kick your ass“. Well girl, you have to do much better than that to kick my ass, because I’m really not impressed.

I doubt they will deliver something good in the future, so I won’t even care to research. Probably they will call it quits and the members will come back to their lives. This is a favor for music. Thanks!

A Game Between Good And Evil is going to be released on May 30th on Pure Underground Records.

(Daniel Death)

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Sangrena – Blessed Black Spirit – Self-Release

Brazilian mega technical death metal.

The Brazilian behemoths of brutal and technical death metal, Sangrena, are re-issuing this album in Brazil after some years out of catalog, so the people have the chance to witness this underrated Brazilian cult.

You know, Brazil is not well known for its technical bands these days, but if you were looking, your chase is over!

Blessed Black Spirit features an ensemble of excellent musicians concerned in making your ears fucking bleed, and they do it with gusto showing ballsy drum work attack along with devilish vocals and compositions with dexterity only for connoisseurs of the style.

Their music resembles bands like Hate Eternal, Deeds of Flesh and a non-grindcore Misery Index along with classic sound like Sinister or even old Suffocation.

Intro When Masks Fall is an instrumental piece of acoustic guitars beautifully played just to bring the next track Infernal Domination to disrupt the calm and put some pedal to the fucking metal dude! This is destructive and abrasive death metal commando! The phrases change all the time and angular guitars carrying beefy riffs are on the gory menu.

Another favorite is Land of Scorn that throws the listener into the warfield without benevolence and their mercilessness is showed in chunky phrases and ultra heavy axework!

But the true highlight is Reign of Illusions resounding the (old) Morbid Angel, fucking A, dead on machine gun onslaught, on spot brutal anthem!!!

Desperation and demise permeates this greatest release so don’t lose your chance to put your filthy hands on it this time: you’ll be devastated by quality.

Blessed Black Spirit is out NOW and it’s Self-Released


(Daniel Death)

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