Decembre Noir – A Discouraged Believer (FDA Rekotz)

Monthly Death Doom

The title seems strange and it is as Decembre Noir (French for Black December) appeals to fans of two other bands whose names are linked to months: October Tide and Novembers Doom. It seems funny but maybe there is no coincidence; the fact is that Decembre Noir (a band actually from Thuringia, Germany) are heavily influenced by these bands and My Dying Bride.

Their sound transports sadness into our very heart with heavy death doom and that’s very metal indeed. They manage to create kind of modern riffs without being hipsters: the heaviness is really metal and very, very traditional.

The album has songs of pure melancholic feelings and the production is on spot (although I think something is missing in the mastering of CD, anyway).

Although the first tracks are being good starters, the main course is the song called The Forsaken Earth: you may or may not like doom metal, but it is so well executed and with a delicious sound that it is impossible to simple dislike this song: It appeals to every metal fan! The guitar curves are top shelf and the vocals of Lars are simply doozy.

Actually one starts to discover that the whole CD is very euphonious, as it is proven on the 4th number called Decembre Noir: great riffs played with true passion for the style! The drumming is not subpar and the drummer Kevin makes his work with gusto even if the songs are not about velocity: he castigates his kit anyway! The guitars of Sebastian and Martin are really great to the gills.

Decembre Noir may not be the most famous band around, but they sound very European, sincere and cold, and I’m sure they will become the daily fix of the fans of this style of metal! Utterly recommended for fans of doom and fans of metal alike.

A Discouraged Believer is going to be out on May 9th on FDA Rekotz.

(Daniel Death)

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