Blood and Sun – White Storms Fall (Pesanta Urfolk)

Neolfolk and inspiration.

This new album of Blood and Sun –  a neo-folk act from US – called White Storms Fall is the best the country has to present us in terms of neofolk.

These lads can make interwoven soundscapes of complex background sound solid and pleasant to eardrums with a lot of great tunes intertwined with interludes, as a great segue.

Bringing some elements of experimental music as well the album comprises a total of 13 tracks in 35 minutes, showcasing the natural stylistic sounds of autumnal persuasion.

What sounds a little weird is the very fact that they are not from Europe, because everything is very heathen: for instance the track Veiled Lady has its share of traditional instrumentation while being straight as any neo-folk band should be. The vocals are flat but kind of doubled in studio with another background voice: perfect for pagan celebrations of any sort.

Lord of Spring sounds like music brought in from Norway or Ireland or even both of them, joined celtic and Scandinavian cultures into an Amerindian sound. They make this so called “lord of spring” sound like a ghost in some abandoned cottage.

Cedar Smoke is very pleasant and bears tranquility to those souls lost in the urban inferno of the current internet life and taking them to some lost paysage in the pre-industrial era. The place is your choice.

The songs are not so different from each other to be quite honest but this is the exact point of this album, to keep the listener in another time while it’s spinning. They unlocked this achievement successfully. Kudos for them!


White Storms Fall is going to be released physically on May 15th on Pesanta Urfolk. The album is digitally streaming on Bandcamp

(Daniel Death)

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