Teitanbood – Death – (The Ajna Offensive)

Death and Destruction as never seen

Teitanblood is a entity from Madrid, Spain and if you claim to be the greatest headbanger around and you simply don’t know them you just suck!

I myself was avidly waiting for this destructive release when it was announced months ago, and now that it’s here I can say this is the most destructive, brutal, vile, unrelenting, nuclear, malefic, calamitous, pestilent release of the year. No doubt!

Its seven song-metal contains such a harmful power surge that it’s impossible to be dull while listening to this satanic opvs.

Anteinferno is the anteroom of hell. Brutal drumming in an absurd organic velocity (yeah, no electronic gimmicks here, posers!) The licks are taken from Chernobyl (or Fukushima) and the vocals are not just “br00tal”. They transmit despise for “jesus” and his believers, they bring the apocalypse and the sound is an “all hell’s break loose” sort of opener.

Sleeping Throats of the Antichrist is even more PRIMITIVE. This sound slices you like oxidized knife bringing you tetanus and subsequent painful death… in hell. The songs of this album are very long and it’s impossible to keep up with the lyrics, but you know that a kind of anticosmic cult is being conspired through lyrical and guttural content, all matter will come to nothing if you spin this CD continuously, opening up a black hole to the zero dimension.

But the most noxious of them all is a track called Cadaver Synod which brings to the fore the Ross Bay Cult of Blasphemy! There’s even an “UH” amidst utter massive apocalyptical chaos. This is the soundtrack of the Eschaton times seven!

Last track Silent of the Great Martyrs DOESN’T wear out its welcome because this is not supposed to be cool and attractive metal, this is supposed to be painful to the eardrums and if you resisted up to this point of the album poser you are not! 17 minutes of baleful music, no quarter and no compromise: the last minutes are comprised in a fall out sound of sorts with only pain and destruction left behind…

Death delivers what it promises: a very painful death in the name of the art but achtung: this may open the gates for the very depths of unterhell and your conscience you’ll be locked there forever to lament your deeds while all atoms of the possible existent dimensions were obliterated by your fault: if you want the end of everything known it’s your call. For cultists of Blasphemy, Blasphemophagher, Revenge, Proclamation and Morbosidad ONLY!

Death is going to be released in North America on May 13th on The Ajna Offensive

(Daniel Death)

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