The Golden Grass – The Golden Grass – (Svart Records)

Underground hard heavy bands from 1970’s

The Golden Grass is a power trio from Brooklyn, and honestly no one would expect something so good coming from that direction in 2014. Don’t get me wrong, but dude I repeat, it’s 2014!! I know you know it. But somebody forgot to tell these boys that.

The song is the legit, real deal hard rock, heavy metal practiced by lesser known bands in 1970 like Josefus, Cactus, etc.. This is not, I repeat, this is not a doom-laden Black Sabbath pastiche. This is not sludgy modern stoner rock to deceive 18 year-olds. Honestly I think these three guys were in coma since lets say 1972 or so and missed the whole Eighties, Nineties and 2000’s, they suddenly woke up and say while so green: hey, let’s record an album! This is the whole history behind this opus, don’t believe in anything else.

First song Please Man is so hard/heavy that is almost flower power proto punk pre heavy metal. The vocals are somewhat sunken in the production and guitars are totally recorded in analog system… I don’t know if there is a modern trick to make digital sound analog and what equipments these guys used but kudos for the producer who managed to make things sound marvelous.

Second number called Stuck in a Mountain is so true it sounds a crossover between Dust and Lucifer’s Friend with a touch of MC-5 and Stooges. I mean it’s old but it’s upbeat all the way. The chorus is totally singalong and impossible to forget, it’s the best chorus of the whole opus for sure.

One More Time is far from being a filler, but with the first two killer songs it’s more bluesy, and I do prefer the others, but it’s a great song as well of course. No flaws here dude!

Bu the song that impressed me is Wheels and its almost 13 minutes of pure trippy music. It could be 20 minutes… or even 40… I’d love this hymn anyway; it’s an orgasmic trip to the days of yore to that golden era when psychedelic music was about to die and punk was about to be born. The song is very progressive but the heavy guitars substitute the keyboards with gusto, the bass is so heavy, and the solos make the ear smolder! Than an incredible and totally outer space drum solo, man, how I love that brother, it’s so my cuppa! They make some effects that the drum sounds it’s backwards. Fuckin’ A dude!!!! Then the song returns to the glorious end with vocals brimming emotion and class!

Closer is a classic rock n roll number called Sugar n’ Spice and the way the riffs are constructed are not from this era definitely if you had some doubt. The solos are pure underground old music made with gusto: no great corporations telling you this telling you that, it’s just rock n roll you know?

Now The Golden Grass need to prove two things: if they want to stay in the underground like their peers from the past and the most important: where the heck do they hide their time machine… If the government of US discovers, it’ll go to the Area 51 for sure. This album was one of the most pleasant surprises in times!!!!! Freaking great!

The Golden Grass is out NOW on Svart Records. 

(Daniel Death)

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