Noctooa – Adaptation (Pesanta Urfolk)

Cave Wave from the Grave

Noctooa surprises us with their own brand of neo-folk inspired by Death in June called “cave wave” and by hearing Adaptation one can fully understands why they call themselves like that.

Their song is mysterious as it can be but what calls the attention of the listener is the drony vocals: it sounds like the guy behind the duties doesn’t change an octave of his “cave” style of singing, almost guttural voice, but still it’s utterly melodic and appeals to the eardrums.

The first track Persistence is exactly that, and it’s impossible to not think about the days of yore, a forgotten past in the pre-neolithic era of man when they gathered together around a bonfire to sing songs to their forefathers.

Can’t Serve is even more, let’s say, sentimental. It’s clangorous in its crescendo logic from going to southern inspired tunes to a thunderous chorus that pushes you against the wall. It’s simply beautiful and delicate in its primitivism.

But the most mysterious track is Sleeping Beira for sure. The violin in the background along with the repetitive acoustic guitars, the heavy percussion and the secretive caveman vocals forms a picture that is impossible to be beaten by other acts due its originality and in-depth philosophical texture. It’s a strong piece of music that goes straight to the heart. If you’re not moved you’re dead.

Other songs are not so different and deliver calm to a sore heart and melody to sore ears. The perfect example is the track Slate that is the blueprint of cave wave. American quasi-country sound joining antique and forgotten cultures of the nebulous past.

Adaptation is not an easy album to understand though: it requires patience to get what the cave wave is all about: but once you’re there you cannot return.

Adaptation is going to be released on May 15th on Pesanta Urfolk.

(Daniel Death)

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