Incarnated – Try Before Die (Selfmadegod Records)

Polish with Swedish accent

Polish Death Metal masters Incarnated returns after an 8-year hiatus with a brand new album produced by Robert Pierscinski himself and showing a quasi-grindcore brutality. Their main influences are Swedish bands like Entombed, Nihilist (pre-Entombed), Dismember and Hypocrisy (mainly from the album Penetralia). That says a lot since they are not ANOTHER pastiche of Entombed‘s Left Hand Path.

The drumming castigates our eardrums in a perfect old school death metal way, everything here is really disgraceful and brings back memories when I was young and destroyed my neck day by day listening to these kind of bands.

Zombieland and Second Side (out of Mind) are savage and brings that “hardcore”-styled drumming, guttural vocals, primitive production and layers of rusted guitars, totally Swedish and unrestrained… no compromise.

My Brother Cain is perhaps the noisiest track of the album, showing all elements from above but raising the bar to enhance your noisy experience.

The more the CD aadvances, the more grindcore it gets, like in the track Death Machine that has brutal death metal bellows from the piggy chasm of satanic demise. The drummer just gets faster and faster and this is what keeps this CD alive: their recognition that, although somewhat limited their sound MUST have some minor changes which make the whole difference.

 Try Before Die is not an imitation of Swedes. I prefer to say they pay tribute to the gods of the past. And yes, there are a lot of Incarnated own sound in it to make the band shine through the death metal scene!

 Try Before Die is going to be released on May 15th on Selfmadegod Records

(Daniel Death)

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