Landskap – I LP (Iron Bonehead)

The four seasons of psych rock.

Landskap is an entity that was created in London, to play some psychedelic rock from the final of 1960’s and beginning of 1970’s: for that they created an album simply called I that received a digital release before being released now on vinyl by Iron Bonehead.

The album has 4 distinct songs that sound like they were composed in different occasions, let’s plunge into them:

A Nameless Fool is the opener, and it seems that it was their first experience composing as an ensemble as the song is very ordinary, although not exactly bad, but it follows the cliché of Stoner Rock of today with repetitive doom-laden riffs. The good thing is that this song is the most Heavy Metal of the album.

Conversely the two minutes of My Cabin In The Woods could be 20 minutes… It’s an intimate piece of experimental song going into something between Tangerine Dream and Pink Floyd with a touch of Rush. It’s trippy, it’s just a pity it’s short.

Fallen So Far is very 1970’s… and while they don’t deliver in giving us true psychedelic rock like Fairport Convention, Spyrogira, Jefferson Airplane or Love, they kneel on the altar of Uriah Heep, Lucifer’s Friend, Black Sabbath and Deep Purple… it resounds bands like Opeth as well, maybe because the heavy production. The vocals are delicious and the song is very inventive with a foot on Progressive Rock. Great soloing, adroitly made, it’s a great piece, then everything calms down…

… it’s the beginning of the best song of the album and finally they deliver what they promised before. To Harvest The Storm is an almost 12 minute piece of “free rock” music, very, I repeat, very krautrock. If they say they don’t drink from this fountain don’t believe in them! One can say they sound like early Kraftwerk, others that they are very much alike Tangerine Dream, you can say that they are fans of Neu!, Can and even more, but for me they resemble a very underground band that was forgotten in time and space: Tomorrows Gift, mainly from their second instrumental album Goodbye Future from 1973. I mean, Landskap got me on that. I don’t even know if that’s true, it’s just a conjecture but anyway, IT IS KRAUTROCK!

The bottom line is: for some reason they wanted to create different songs with different vibes. Containing only 4 songs the result is very positive, but it could not be… This is what proves they were very attentive of the whole process of creating I, and it was a risk that everything could have gone down the drain. We have a great album instead. Note: The cover of vinyl is different from the cover released on the web.

I is going to be released on May 15th on Iron Bonehead.  

(Daniel Death)

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