Ranger – Shock Skull 7″ (Ektro )

When NWOBHM meets Germanic Speed Metal.

Hailing from Finland Ranger is fucking back! After the excellent EP Knights of Darkness released in 2013 they honed their true metal skills against posers and now they are ready to conquer the world.

This new 2-track EP is an example of how true metal MUST be done. Directly riffs, heavy/thrash Germanic rifferama (Kreator from Endless Pain, Living Death, Iron Angel, Running Wild) plus raddest soloing taken from NWOBHM (Angel Witch, Saxon, Iron Maiden) sets the fatal formula that will melt the faces of true bangers thirsty for true music.

If I’m not so excited to mistake their sound for something else, this very fusion is what gives fire to their march to reach the perfect kind of heavy metal.

The bells at the first track called Shock Skull announce the pure steel from beyond then the AHHHHHH a la Slayer forebodes the riffs that are about to come in seconds and everything explodes into a death machine of speed metal, the vocals are the real McCoy, the guitars are fucking inventive the tempos and phrases change all the time, the solos make the eardrums bleed: it’s beautiful and when after the Maiden-esque solos the song returns to its menacing mode I do believe that true metal is alive… Of course the song ends with another high pitched AHHHHHHHHH.

Omen of Doom is even more thrilling, mainly when the guy stops to sing, there’s a short interval and then the speed metal comes ripping over again, so more rhythm guitars raze the place and the song changes progressively. Fuck man, where the fuck did these dudes got the inspiration to compose such a tremendous tune??? It’s anyone’s guess… then more solos to castigate, the whole thing is just too insane to be real, this is the real rock n roll true metal nightmare. By the end of the song the NWOBHM riffs with the speed fucking metal in the background announces that everything is… over? My ass!!!! Let’s hear everything again and again, nonstop rotation.

Ranger is one in one million bands that doesn’t care about fads, about being cool, tech, polished, fuck all of that! Quality music doesn’t need poserness: Shock Skull is too good for an EP, bring me the full length!

Shock Skull is going to be released on May 16th on Ektro.

(Daniel Death)

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