Hades Archer / Slaughtbbath – Circus of Abominations / Antichristos Thanatos – split LP (Iron Bonehead)

Chilean double strike

Hades Archer, the traditional force behind Chilean death/black machine joins forces with another great of South American cult Slaughtbbath, also from Chile and the result is one of the most cult split albums ever released by South American radical sect.

Opening, Hades Archer shows a slightly different sound this time, resounding a rawer Ogdru Jahad, the sound is in-your-face, minimum edition and minimum variations! The Pyre and The Hell Explodes on Earth bring about pithy unrelenting metal and the war the band rages on pulls no punches.

Tempest is even more straight deathless raid against posers and wannabes of the brutal metal scene! This is very hardcore and fastest South American attack with touches of Sarcófago and Sextrash, but they don’t cling to that formula, they go beyond, if not in brutality, at least in originality although their sound has no space for gimmicks.

The track Portals shows a concise inroad, leaving no prisoners.

Slaughtbbath brings forth a more ritualistic and hermetic facet of bestial black metal… The production is sunken and very organic, the drums are real drums, the quasi-live approach is very honest and leaves no doubt what a gig of this band might be.

Mortal Paradigma shows a band read to raid every city ahead of their tour and if I had the opportunity I wouldn’t lose a show of these guys given the ultra heavy sound that oozes from the speakers. Differently from Hades Archer, the sound has a lot of variations and phrases with plenty of profanation to destruct and burn every church nearby!

Black Revelation Of Death, the last track of their side Antichristos Thanatos, is not so unlike the first track but the continuation gives momentum to their desperate cries of hate against “christ” and his disciples. More drum fills set the stage for their apocalyptic crusade against the false! Hail!

This split is a mandatory item for all die hards out there. No frills, no weak metal for pseudo “br00tal” wimps, this is the real deal, if you can’t relate go listen to anything else!

 Circus of Abominations + Antichristos Thanatos is going to be released on May 16th on Iron Bonehead

(Daniel Death)

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