Plain Ride – Skeleton Kites (Ektro)

Finnish Country Folk Rock.

Maybe Plain Ride is not well-known outside their country of origin – Finland – and let me say that it is a tremendous injustice since their sound is simply marvelous and put on the table one of the most delicious album of the year.

The sound can be classified as Finnish Folk but to do that is to neglect the very existence of this band: sometimes they absurdly go into the Southern American Country Rock and this mix is what makes Plain Ride and its album Skeleton Kites so special.

While the Empress and The Siege may not deliver in terms of originality they are indeed excellent songs, but one can perceive the potential of these competent guys in the heavy folk track Lt Greely and the Dylan-esque voice combined with the obscure vibe from the Northern Europe is absolutely amazing.

But the icing on the cake is the craziest upbeat track Yesterdays Fire: the track starts as a Heavy piece of 1970’s hard rock with heavy distortions and whatnot… then a keyboard at the same BPM a la David Bowie continues to a 1960’s British Invasion vibe in the vein of The Kinks and The Who with that American “player” voice, dude, this is ROCK N ROLL. Period.

The nine minutes of Skeleton Kites is what it is… with the addition of THOSE vocals, heheheh. Man it’s really bluesy amid the European Folk thing, it’s really different. Eventually the track morphs itself into a psychedelic piece of music and although a little bit repetitive, it’s a great song.

St Jenny is like an encounter between Värttinä and George Thorogood. Folk and bad to the bone…

Suuri vesi sung in their Suomi mother tongue is the most Finnish track of the whole album. The first part is an instrumental piece and the second part sung in the very European way of the past is the epitome of folk rock. Great number.

I don’t know what people out there will assimilate Skeleton Kites, but it’s possibly the most original mixes in times and if you’re after something really different this is your weapon of choice!

Skeleton Kites is going to be released on May 16th on Ektro 

(Daniel Death)

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