Verberis – Vastitas TAPE – (Iron Bonehead)

Abyssal Death/Black Metal!

Hailing from infamous New Zealand this satanic matter called Verberis presents us with a tape containing 4 tracks of pure Austrasian cult in the vein of their countryfellows Heresiarch.

There are 17 minutes of pure anti-cosmic energy inside, so beware.

The Primordial Rift resounds like  Antedeluvian and it’s really primitive and unflinching music for die-hards only.

Sepulchral Slumber brings forth the inner demons to the real world of prime evil sect to destruct the whole human race. The sound is very analogical with bellows from the chasm evoking and summoning the demonic posse of legions unknown.

Kaliginous Ascent and its obscure and negative vibe can do away with everything in sight just by its dim resonance of Mephistophelian persuasion. Everything is very fast, cacophonous and ear-splitting. Vocals are like one thousand satanic goblins tormenting your soul ad your peace in your final day on this earth.

Fangs of Pazuzu is a brute lullaby of chthonian chants packed inside a cussed death metal music persistent in its sulphurous carnage of Pharaonic monstrosity!

Verberis is a band that one can reckon with. Their true sound doesn’t disappoint the most obstinate headbangers that are always seeking for the ultimate satanic and true band around.

Vastitas is going to be released on May 19th Iron Bonehead .

(Daniel Death)

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