Den Saakaldte – Faen I Helvete – Agonia Records

The traditional shall never die!

Den Saakaldte, the Norwegian entity whose name is inspired in a song of Ved Buens Ende and which has splits with bands such as Horna, Shining and Varathron proves that they are ready to make an incursion on Europe in a dim blitzkrieg of Black Metal attack!

They are classified by some as Depressive Black Metal (maybe because their split with Shining or the name of their first demo Øl, mørke og depresjon (roughly translated to Beer, darkness and depression) but they practice a perfect mixture of all true shools of European Black Metal going from melodic snail paced parts to brisk unrelenting hardcore onslaught!

First song Din Siste Dag is an ode to the classic black metal sound: although well produced, it’s melancholic and makes the sky turns black: foreboding guitars and atmosphere fills up the room with bad omen.

Forbanna Idioter is even more direct: no room for depressiveness, only warlike chugging black metal guitars and dramatic melodies amidst brutal drumming and fiendish vocals, this is the classic black metal number. Ace!

Du Selvproklamerte misjonaer borrows its energy from Thrash Metal in a move much alike Nocturnal Breed but never alienating their black metal fans.

Another great track is Som Et Arr På Sjelen: no compromising brutal gruff guitars and vocals in a heartless and soulless way that will freeze the most die hard black metal fan to death: The quintessence of Scandinavian Svart Metall.

 Faen I Helvete is an imperative album in every black metal fan collection and take my word for granted: Den Saakaldte is going to be the next thing in Black Metal for bad or for worse!

 Faen I Helvete is going to be released on May 27th on Agonia Records  .

(Daniel Death)

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