Tusmørke – Riset Bak Speilet – Svart Records

The magical progressive world of Tusmørke.

Tusmørke is a Norwegian band that I honestly never heard of before, but hell they practice that kind of sound that is exactly what I was after.

They are mystical upbeat mix of folk and progressive rock and it’s easy to link them with bands such as Kultivator or Swedish Trettioåriga Kriget but messing beneath the layers they are much more than that!

The album has only 5 tunes and long songs, totally for those who like to relax after a day of work, but beware, because it’s a kind of crazy relaxation.

First song Offerpresten is very upbeat and it has a quasi acoustic feeling to it, alienating the fans of “modern music” and the citation of Black Widow‘s Come to the Sabbath is second to none, impossible to not sing along.

Gamle Aker Kirke is not so fun, until it accelerates from the middle to end of the song with a clear citation to the Genesis‘ song I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe) – mainly the spoken part of Peter Gabriel.

Black Swift may not be the best song of the album but it has some moving vocals with a syncopated drum in the background and an eerie keyboard like a terror flick.

All is Lost is a piece of hooky folk progressive music that is really creative and it’s impossible to not sing “all is lost” everytime this part appears. Then the song changes the tempo, everytime after the chorus. Crazy and cool.

But the grand finale Riset bak Speilet makes use of the heavily progressive artillery totally resounding the bands of the past: 14 minutes of variations, in a crazy 1970’s vortex of insane inventiveness the song changes phrases every 30 seconds to something completely different and it makes total sense, it’s like a folkloric Dream Theater or a Norwegian Genesis to be more exact!

Riset Bak Speilet is totally fun for those who have an acquired taste in music, mainly old rock, it’s an excellent album from an excellent band! Bravo, bravíssimo!

Riset Bak Speilet is out NOW on Svart Records. 

(Daniel Death)

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