Infernal Curse – The End Upon Us MLP – Iron Bonehead

Argentinian Black Death Experience

Infernal Curse honors the South American tradition in making good bands of Black/Death Metal for the world and Infernal Curse is not different. This is a 4-song EP showing a mid tempo satanic death metal perfect for headbanging.

First song – title track – is an arcane piece of old school music with variation between tempos and although is not exactly inventive the band shows fidelity to the style they chose to play.

Waters of Phlegethon brings about a kind of primitive thrash/doom metal to burst into a total war black metal. The vocals are from the belle epoch of this kind of music, a type of harsh/guttural full of effects…

Lascivious Malevolence follows the very same BPM, as if the band didn’t want to take any chances, and they stuck into the very same formula of the first two tracks: that’s when things start to become a little boring, but heck, this is what it is, putrid pile of death metal, so is not exactly bad, but they could do more, for sure.

La diosa del averno is a cover of the Peruvian Cultest band HADEZ, and hell yeah, this is the true of the true death metal. Hadez used to be the main extreme band outside Brazil that everybody remembers of, and to choose a sound of them to pay homage is a maximum honor. Hail warriors of the death cult.

Infernal Curse and its The End Upon Us is not a bad EP, far from that. But the sentiment here is that they left something to prove to their fans and maybe it will be revealed in the next release.

The End Upon Us is going to be released on May 16th on Iron Bonehead. 

(Daniel Death)

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