Super Massive Black Holes – Calculations of the Ancients – Minotauro Records

Canadian Underrated Free Jazz Death Metal!

Always them, always the Canadians! This album and this band are immorally underrated, this is a kind of album that we don’t hear everyday!

Although the mix of Jazz and Death Metal are not something exactly new, they do it distinctively! For instance, while in the track Dyatlov Pass Incident they use and abuse of the broken tempos, free jazz avant-garde impromptus a la Atheist‘s Elements, they can change in the next track ∞÷µ (yes this is the name of the track), a beautiful quasi acoustic interlude.

Their songs never get fast like in a band as Cryptopsy and this is great because every part is calmly made and one can hear the progressions and power chords of un-modal jazz being made like in the track Distance to the Great Attractor.

While in Holographic Principle they present a normal death metal number and Mathematics of Emotion is an acoustic piece made with heavy basslines and subtly guitars, the song Refracted Kaleidoscopic Photons with it’s broken tempo and phrases has enough confusion to make fans of complex music very happy!

But the best track is Ghosts of Bhopal that is totally fusion, with metal, death metal, jazz and progressive all inside in one song…. It sounds like an indigest mixture but it makes prefect sense and it surprisingly doesn’t exactly change the tempos but the phrases which gives an effect of unit amidst the torrent of different parts. But as I said before, their songs are not fast, it’s a mid-tempo piece varying from jazz to metal, so it’s very pleasing to the ears.

Now get your copy of this Super Album because the mathematical logic in musical craziness of Super Massive Black Holes and its Calculations of the Ancients it’s second to none and you’re losing one of the best albums of 2014.

Calculations of the Ancients  is out NOW on Minotauro Records .

(Daniel Death)

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