Blood Red Fog – On Death’s Wings – Saturnal Records

Finnish pedigree.

It’s no secret that I’ve since always been a fan of Finnish way of doing black metal, being (between bands from other countries) my favorite bands names such as Baptism, Sargeist, Horns, Satanic Warmaster, Azaghal, Goatmoon, Impaled Nazarene and Beherit between many, many others.

So to listen to the authentic Suomi Black Metal like Blood Red Fog is always the greatest honor to me.

Blood Red Fog is the black true metal version of the Funeral Doom Metal band Lordamor containing members of that band.

The band has been doing truest black metal since its inception in 2006 and conquering new die-hard fans ever since.

This new album On Death’s Wings brings the original Finnish metal sound with no compromise: just sick vocalizations, snail paced to fast BPM’s, sunken and muddy production and warlike riffs in the vein of the aforementioned bands plus others from other countries, mainly Bilskirnir and Graveland.

Blazing Star destroys everything in sight with the legit satanic and cosmic energy: I do believe if there is an entrance to the infraworld, this place is Finland. Good as fuck!

Black Hole Soul is another top notch number with several change of tempos, and phrases with an economic solo and bleak guitars like Cosmic Church or a non-experimental Circle Of Ouroborus.

Circle Of Resurrection is very burzumic but not in the Norwegian way of course, everything here is for die-hards of Finland and if you cannot comply just bugger off: the song transforms itself in a fastest black metal entity to destroy everything inside the anti-cosmic cult of nihilism. This is the best track of the album for sure.

The ten minutes of Liberation and its cavalcaded riffs and the vocals pledging from destruction like one thousand forgotten spirits of primordial warriors from the farthest chasm in an orgy of phantasmagoric covenant are truly infernal. Period.

On Death’s Wings is that album that makes the day of the most die hard and grumpy headbanger out there! Great opvs!

On Death’s Wings is going to be released on May 16th on Saturnal Records

(Daniel Death)

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