Mordbrand – Imago- Deathgasm

Swedish death with a black taste.

Releasing stuff since 2010, Mordbrand finally reach their first full length now. This is another bet on their old school Swedish Death Metal.

Over again, as I stated before, there is a kind of wave, a revival of bands such Entombed, Dismember, (old) Hypocrisy that would be cool only if some half dozen bands were doing it, but it seems the norm to IMITATE them…

So what does Mordbrand have in their favor then? They up the ante and include some Black Metal parts (if that’s intentional it’s anyone’s guess) and they start to sound more like Morbid or the Norwegian Old Funeral…. If their sound was a little bit more broken, I should put even Darkthrone‘s Soulside Journey here, but let’s not be trifling.

Actually Imago – the name of the album – is a byproduct of their own environment: songs like Revelate and Join Them In Thralldom are not so deceptive and the balance between black and death metal is great.

But songs like Their Name Are Myriads or Hoarding the Grotesque are great enough to stand by their own rights even with that Entombed flavor in it. They don’t just ape, they create.

Bastion of Blood is the very proof that they escape a formula that every other band would find them confined, but Mordbrand can break even by the end of the day.

The bottom line is that I’m not really excited by this New Wave of Old School Death Metal (although I LOVE the original bands) and I tend to pass. Mordbrand is an exception to the rule and my vote goes to them.

Imago is out NOW on Deathgasm.


(Daniel Death)

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