Hell Spirit – Dawn Under Curse – Saturnal Records

Northern Thrash/Black

The mix of thrash/speed metal with black metal is becoming a very common practice and the bands which opt for this kind of approach occasionally get things right; it’s not different with Hell Spirit that not only put black into thrash or vice versa: they make the two styles side by side.

It’s a very interesting Finnish band to be honest, the first song Call to Arms is a thrash metal in the vein of Urn while the very fabric of this peculiar mix appears on the second track called Weak Flesh – Filthy Blood with looming black metal riffs and the simpler kind of thrash speed metal in a Germanic way!

Have no doubt: Total Holocaust, is completely Black Metal with no concessions, it resounds Satyricon from the album Shadowthrone.

Unholy Redemption is the raddest track of the album with a badass riff: total thrash metal assault!

On the other hand Eternal Night (Millennia Of Might) brings back the pure black metal feeling, gloomy and dim.

Blood and Metal is the closer with beefy thrash heavy metal riffs, in a Canadian Way, this is the real deal buggahs.

Dawn Under Curse is an album that alternates between black and death and although the songs are indeed very good, the secret is to switch from one mood to another in each song… That makes the album a real interesting thing to headbangers to hear!

Dawn Under Curse is going to be out on May 16th on Saturnal Records.

(Daniel Death)

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