Thunder Lord – Heavy Metal Rage – Iron Shield Records

Defenders of the RAGE!

This Chilean band is not well known in the heavy metal circles worldwide and this situation has to change right now, for Thunder Lord is one of the truest PURE Heavy Metal bands in the world nowadays!

I mean there is something very wrong with the world, I don’t mean to disrespect other styles that I also like, but hell, where’s the place for true heavy metal in this world?

This is their sophomore album and starts with the ultra speed metal number Dark Rider, the choruses stay in the mind for long time, the sound remembers Helloween and Iron Angel, Grave Digger and Living Death and everything that is true and Germanic from the 1980’s.

My Bloody Final is an ode to true metal with pure heavy metal riffs, nothing can be purest than this fucking band. South America rules the fucking game mate!

But the track that got me by the balls was Tyranny: fast drumming and perfect marriage of rhythm session with rhymed stanzas just make the happiness for those who like to sing along the band. This song is utterly perfect, no flaws, just metal, and pure metal, fuck off posers!!! The riff if it’s not the most technical thing in this fucking Earth is tailor-made for this tune exclusively.

Crusaders is another devastation in form of PURE HEAVY SPEED METAL, no mixtures here, no nothing, just the original thing, truer than your fave true mainstream band.. Over again, that solo!!!! Just so fucking perfect it owns everything in place.

The Pirate Attack kneels at the altar of Running Wild with a solo for an intro, and whispering words the song advances to something even more wicked with speed metal on the lose and pedal to the metal, and an high-pitched solo to destroy everything in sight.

The other tracks are all ace too, there’s no flaw, there’s no compromising, there’s no quarter, there’s no posernerness and most important: they are NOT sold-out even with a very limited audience. I do hope that the world can notice them because it’s YOU who is losing the raddest band around: shame on you!

Heavy Metal Rage is out NOW on  Iron Shield Records.

(Daniel Death)

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