Waxen – Agios Holokauston – Moribund

Top Notch one-man-band from US.

This is the second installment of the one-man-band Waxen, the brainchild of Toby Knapp (Forced Religion, Toby Knapp, ex-Bleeding Ground, ex-Darken, ex-Defile, ex-Onward, ex-Godless Rising) who manage all the instruments by himself with due shrewdness and no compromising songwriting transformed into the raw yet very metallic form of USBM cult with an European accent.

The drum work is totally crazy as in the track Procession and the riffs are astute inside the black metal circle never getting old or outdated. His voice gather the demons of the raw black metal and and gather together the dynamic musical universe of Mr. Knapp.

Destined for Division is another machine gun of hate and despise against falseness inside the black metal cult. Instantaneous shot of purest raw cult as not so often seen inside the brutal and black metal empire of North America.

With Hatred Be Destroyed lives up to its name and the cloudy emanation of purest metal makes the cvlt even more vile and malevolent in form with some thrash breaking sound then immediately returning to the sectarian black metal.

Eight The Adept and its behemotic approach aren’t subpar and it destroys all the possibility of poserness. No quarter in this one brother!

Agios Holokauston is a crafty work that never abandons the paramount ideology of grievance that the REAL USBM cult is supposed to be. No sold-out crap and no double cross music, Waxen burns all the false ones in the pyre of satanic fire!


Agios Holokauston is going to be released on May 27th on Moribund.

(Daniel Death)

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