Medusa’s Child – Empty Sky – Pure Steel Publishing

Germanic melodic metal with a nod to NWOBHM

Medusa’s Child is a heavy metal band from Thuringia that practices power/melodic metal. They’ve been around for some time and this is their fourth full length called Empty Sky.

They say they practice a mix between early Stratovarius and early Hammerfall: while the former statement may be somewhat true the latter is false. They indeed do a strange crossover between Melodic and NWOBHM always with mid paced cadence and only nodding to classic music although their musicians have qualities like the vocalist and mainly the guitarists.

Empty Sky shows the guys sticking to their guns with an impressive vocal and Remember You has a hooky refrain. The voice of D.C. Crow is very akin to non-satanic David Bower (the vocalist of the classic British Heavy Metal act Hell)

The songs have no magical formula in them; they actually have a hint of hard rock inside.

The CD starts to gain traction in songs as Turn Back The Time with its packed rhythm session and very heavy guitars a la Heavens Gate.

Nevermore is another good number that shows the guys faith in Heavy Metal.

Beethoven’s Kiss has a great bassline and the song is well structured, with impressive vocals and it’s my favorite.

But songs like Slaves of Memory, My Inner Voice and the reprise: My Inner Voice acoustic version water themselves down in a musical filibuster, going through the motions and wearing out their welcome…. Well it’s a one-hour long CD, and it could be great if these tracks were taken out.

But all in all Empty Sky proves that the faith in Power Heavy Metal, never following other styles has its rewards and I wish a good luck to these veterans next time, because they have the background to make a killer heavy metal opus!


Empty Sky is out NOW on Pure Steel Publishing.

(Daniel Death)

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