Sangrena – Blessed Black Spirit – Self-Release

Brazilian mega technical death metal.

The Brazilian behemoths of brutal and technical death metal, Sangrena, are re-issuing this album in Brazil after some years out of catalog, so the people have the chance to witness this underrated Brazilian cult.

You know, Brazil is not well known for its technical bands these days, but if you were looking, your chase is over!

Blessed Black Spirit features an ensemble of excellent musicians concerned in making your ears fucking bleed, and they do it with gusto showing ballsy drum work attack along with devilish vocals and compositions with dexterity only for connoisseurs of the style.

Their music resembles bands like Hate Eternal, Deeds of Flesh and a non-grindcore Misery Index along with classic sound like Sinister or even old Suffocation.

Intro When Masks Fall is an instrumental piece of acoustic guitars beautifully played just to bring the next track Infernal Domination to disrupt the calm and put some pedal to the fucking metal dude! This is destructive and abrasive death metal commando! The phrases change all the time and angular guitars carrying beefy riffs are on the gory menu.

Another favorite is Land of Scorn that throws the listener into the warfield without benevolence and their mercilessness is showed in chunky phrases and ultra heavy axework!

But the true highlight is Reign of Illusions resounding the (old) Morbid Angel, fucking A, dead on machine gun onslaught, on spot brutal anthem!!!

Desperation and demise permeates this greatest release so don’t lose your chance to put your filthy hands on it this time: you’ll be devastated by quality.

Blessed Black Spirit is out NOW and it’s Self-Released


(Daniel Death)

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