Vainaja – Kadotetut – Svart Records

The doomish Suomi destruction.

Vainaja is the perfect death/doom entity from Finland and they have been active since 2011 although they had only released a single prior to this album Kadotetut.

This album is very death plus atmospheric plus doom metal as shown in the first track Lankeemus that is a total trip of Dark Ambient sounds made to set the right ambience for the next track Väärän Ristin Valtakunta that is very snail paced, although never descending into the deepness of funeral doom metal, because their way to intercalate legit death metal into the whole scheme keep them for doing so.

While Kahleiden Kantaja and Valon Lapset are very heavy and with beefy heavy metal riffs amidst the slow motion music with precise rhythm session, heavy enough to keep them in the buffer zone of the style along with wax and wane unflinching music, next track called Henkikaste sounds like an eerie interlude with a statement in the backdrop, just to return in great form to Verinen Lähde, this time around alternating quiet parts with the heaviest ones, going to and fro and never disappointing the listener with the acroamatic guttural vocals.

Risti Kädessäni is the standard of this kind of sound done with brio and lugging to the foreground a deftly music, with a great poise, never overdoing anything or wearing out their welcome.

Viimeinen Tuomio with its abstruse drone revealing itself as the seconds pass is another fantastic kind of sound exquisitely creative and daintily made in its aggressive approach of doom metal. They make, occasionally, the guitar disappears leaving only the bass, drums and that guttural voice to a great effect. The rifferama are very visionary.

Kadotettu is an instrumental piece to bundle the excellent album that Vainaja managed to create.

Although not that unconventional, the band succeeded in put enough straight to make Kadotetut a fave between doom maniacs out there.

Kadotetut is going to be released on May 23th on Svart Records

(Daniel Death)

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