Chainreaction – A Game Between Good And Evil – Pure Underground Records

When boredom encounters metal!

Normally, the Germanic Heavy Metal bands, the true metal to be more exact, are the best bands in the world. Period. But every now and them appears a band to contradict the tradition.

This is the case with Chainreaction and its album  A Game Between Good And Evil. As the title already says they are on the fence on everything: production, songwriting and execution of the songs.

Songs like Straight from Hell promise fire and destruction and delivers a lackluster heavy metal with a dispirited female vocalist: they want to be the good guys in heavy metal and haven’t realized that Heavy Metal is about toxic music. Anyway it remembers that band that nobody remembers: Chariot (UK).

Be Honest is the dishonest to the core, the good message behind it sounds like a big fail and is boring to hell.

But the corollary is the last track Born to Rock: she says, totally unconvinced by his own words: “we are born to rock, we are here to kick your ass“. Well girl, you have to do much better than that to kick my ass, because I’m really not impressed.

I doubt they will deliver something good in the future, so I won’t even care to research. Probably they will call it quits and the members will come back to their lives. This is a favor for music. Thanks!

A Game Between Good And Evil is going to be released on May 30th on Pure Underground Records.

(Daniel Death)

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