Morbid Slaughter – Wicca – Boris Records

The Peruvian Kvlt of Blackened Thrash Metal.

South American cult is alive and everyday I am certain about that, if not in Brazil at least in the neighboring countries, and the Peruvian Morbid Slaughter comes to prove that with this EP called Wicca.

Fisrt song, self-titled, showcases a packed thrash metal attack with a raw production and harsh black metal vocals a la Vulcano, Nifelheim and Black Witchery. This is fast, filth and delivers the truest sentiment of hate against “christ”…

Nightly Breath of God is not shoddy and still delivers hate in high octane thrash/black metal from hell.

Barbarous and harsh as it can be, Morbid Slaughter is another name of the South American scene to keep in mind because they have competence to become a fixture in the radical world wide scene! I just can’t wait for their debut album!!!


Wicca is going to be released on May 31st on  Boris Records

(Daniel Death)

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