Zoldier Noiz – Regression Process – Unspeakable Axe Records

Pure retro French Thrash Metal

Zoldier Noiz is a band from Montpellier, France which practices the rawest form of old thrash metal. Their sound is much alike a crossover between Discharge, Hellhammer and Loudblast: Thrash metal with a very punk sentiment into it.

The song structures are very simple and unprocessed tailor-made to sound like the noisiest band around. The solos are very bread-and-butter and are there just to complete the gaps like in the track Tomorrow Is Today.

But songs like Grave Crawler and Random Justice and their quasi-punk approach, or metal punk if you will, or Venom-esque if you will are the pure rough thrash European attack.

Regression Process is even rawer with a hardcore drumming and vocals brutally made.

Thirty Nine Forty Five is the punkest of them all clocking in at only one minute and fouty-seven seconds.

On the contrary a track like Dread Relieves is the mix between thrash and death.

Regression Process is a raw and obscure album only for die hards of bands such Cryptic Slaughter and the likes. A great and real work that doesn’t deceive their listeners, Zoldier Noiz delivers the real deal music for real deal guys.

Regression Process is going to be released on May 27th on Unspeakable Axe Records.

(Daniel Death)

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