Funereal Presence – The Archer Takes Aim – The Ajna Offensive

Black Metal: The real deal

The USBM band Funereal Presence presents us with unrelenting piece of true black metal with no concession of any kind for its spiritual war in sonic form: the songs are ugly structured to stink in the tortuous riffs and diagonal songwriting forms a mass of divaricate phrases within longest song frameworks.

Buzzing guitars immersed behind the backdrop of uncanny rhythm session are the benchmark that permeates the whole toil with a coarse diabolic soundscape which is a bulwark of sensory wall that may or may not be off the grid: this is the impact of the first two arcane songs called the Tower Falls and The Archer Takes Aim.

Mythical and necromantic music affect the sonic conundrum of momentous deftly made music and thenceforth the opvs gain one more layer of enigmatic corking harsh BM. These moments are called Dämmerlicht and Gestalt des Endes: the latter is even more abrasive and the adamant drumming of sadness and destruction along with the otherworldly guitars in its 16 minutes just confirm that.

 The Archer Takes Aim is a collection of anthems for the most recondite black metaller, so if you’re into darkness evil spin it while some the candles are aflame for the ritual…

The Archer Takes Aim is going to be released on May 27th on The Ajna Offensive

(Daniel Death)

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