Killgasm – A Stab in the Heart of Christ – Moribund

Morbid and Satanic grindcore….

The days of Seth Putman are over because we have Killgasm to fill the gap… well, nobody can fill Putman‘s place, much less Killgasm, but that’s all for the effect.

Presenting us their sophomore album which is a hybrid of grindcore and black metal with drums that seem programmed, everything here is repetitive, and set to destroy the listener’s mind with violent blowing to his head.

The songs have no highlights but I’d say that Revenge of the Panzergoat (hahahaha, what the fuck man?), High on Church Fumes and Fisting Your Faith are the epitome of the original mix they managed to create: iteration and black metal guitars, along with pig squeals, so maybe that explains the lack of proper mastering which would make the sound much more violent.

But that’s the point: they JUST DON’T WANT TO! This is the blasphemous sound of Killgasm, like it or not. Black Metal filthiness along with death/grind logic, buzzing guitars, hissing production and a helluva violent attitude just supbar to GG Allin

The artwork is second to none, as the sound inside, however I really wish that in the next time Killgasm put some more disgraceful music in it… You know disgrace is never enough and always good to have!!!!

A Stab in the Heart of Christ is going to be released on May 28th on Moribund

(Daniel Death)

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