Ninth Circle – Legions Of The Brave – Pure Rock Records

Glorious Power Metal from SoCal!

Yes Los Angeles does have a band to represent the US power metal! Ninth Circle is that band: glorious vocals, good solos, with keyboards and mezzo-progressive/mezzo-neoclassical metal for the binge of the die hards of the style.

For example the track After the Rain is really good with inspired vocals following the European way of metal!

The song All or Nothing with angular phrases are one of the best of the album with a very Malmsteen feeling into it, although I think the vocals could be more aggressive but perhaps this was the result they were after, because they are so good musicians to have got the wrong guy, so yeah! It’s good.

The epic Living on the Sun with its Primal Fear aura permeating the song and alternating with melodic hard rock parts and the delicate but powerful vocals of Dennis Brown is actually impressive.

Arcturus Rising Part 2 is another piece of good music ideal to put in your car and drive through the highway. The vocals are very inspired in this one, and after a round of melodic music, the heaviest guitar takes place and intercalates with the keyboard giving it the the perfect balance. The solos are truly great and inspired…

Grinding the Bastards Down is more upbeat and straightforward metal, although, I repeat the vocals could be more aggressive in this one because of truer nature of the song!

There’s even a rad rendition of Deep Purple‘s Stormbringer: I loved it!

Legions Of The Brave is a good album that will go straight to the heart of true fans of melodic power metal!

Legions Of The Brave is going to be released on May 30th on Pure Rock Records

(Daniel Death)

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