Misery Index – The Killing Gods – Season of Mist

The exterminating brutal gods return to destroy!!!!

One of the things hard in this kind of work is to deliver a fair review when you’re talking about one of your fave bands: It’s hard to not be biased, but hell this is Misery Index and before listening to this album I KNEW it was very destructive and good.

They are one of the best inside brutal death metal and merging their sound with the very grindcore sound just makes an exponential damage to the ears!

First song is an instrumental a la Kreator (????) but as soon as it ends the unrelenting brutality starts with the track the Calling and its one billion phrases and blast beats to destroy the headbangers neck!

Soon The Oath, a brief interlude starts and the track Conjuring the Cull produces tons of striking musical madness with groove vocals but not modern sound, fuck it! They know their game and they know how to balance things perfectly as to not sound another fake modern band, they are the gods of this kind of music, and as every second passes, the excitement of the listener (in this case: ME) increases to brutal levels: the guitar work are PERFECT, no fucking flaws, no fucking quarter! The soloing aligned with the drumming in the backdrop makes me shake my head while I listen and write at the same time (actually I listened to this a dozen times before pen it, but what’s good deserves several spins)

But a track that called my attention was the seventh one called Cross to Bear, what a freaking insane songwriting and execution, brutal to the core, and the vocals are really on the spot. This song is a changing of tempos that goes from groovy heaviness to a derailed train in an insane velocity.  They put so many variations that although it’s very hard to get the song for the first time, it becomes eventually a favorite of the whole album. Creativity is what they deliver…

Another highlight is the track Sentinels and its psychotic sound just throw us in the middle of war: mosh pits guaranteed if this song is played live. Short phrases infuse its two minutes of brutality.

It’s important to notice that John Gallagher from their almost twin band Dying Fetus does guest vocals in the killer penultimate track Colony Collapse. Can an album get more extreme than this???

Last track called Heretics is so noisy it’s a candidate to the most brutal song of the year, what a total shattering tune, its guitar seethes through the mind and cause blisters in the memory. Deliciously destructive and a ready classic.

Misery Index, over fucking again, got to deliver a first grade work with this new album The Killing Gods, and if you’re a fan you WON’T be let down. If you’re not, it’s prolly because you WERE listening to Rihanna while lying to your friends you were a death metal fan! Go get your copy now, and destroy everything in sight!

The Killing Gods is out NOW on Season of Mist.

(Daniel Death)

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2 thoughts on “Misery Index – The Killing Gods – Season of Mist

  1. Nice review! It was a killer album indeed, sound candidate for album of the year. Check out mine if you feel like it!

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