Swarþ – Omines Pestilentiae DLP – Iron Bonehead

Mysterious discography of this quasi-non-existent band.

Swarþ (presumably pronounced Swarth) is a mysterious black metal entity whose discography was released in somewhat irregular releases (inside the titles says: UNTITLED) and now it’s seeing a complete re-reading by Iron Bonehead in a double LP, each side containing a release: Side A is Swarþ 2012 demo which 2 songs, side B is Þy Tayl is Deeþ Þurgh Þyn Envenymynge (demo 2013), side C is Mors Rex Salvator Hominum (unreleased demo version) and side D is Mors Rex Salvator Hominum (proper EP released in 2013 as well).

The songs of the A side for example are repetitive and cavernous kind of ultra primitive black metal (not exactly RAW BLACK METAL) because there is enough heaviness and the production is good but the songs are truly pristine in essence of containing two phrases and that’s that. Cult as fuck!

Side B is not so different, and the vocals are interred in a kind of Krieg approach of their black metal, utterly radical and twisted, there are plenty of effects and the quality is not subpar (maybe because the release was remastered) but who knows? The fact is that the vile stench of putrid miasma permeates the whole ambient and this is really for the most die-hard and dedicated collectors of this kind of underground music.

Side C, I presume, it’s a pre-production of the EP, and the quality of the sound is also very good for the patterns of this band, this time around the songs being more depressive in nature, like a walking cadaver seeking to return to life: the Tom Warrior-esque UHHHHHH are so convincing that you wouldn’t want to hear it alone in a forest… then the track gains traction but the cadaveric vocals continues there along with the iteration of drums and the lyrics are really inspirational: ughhhh, ohhhhggg, ahhhhhhh, wwwwhuuuu, aaaarrgghhh, this is poetry in high scale and T.S. Eliot couldn’t be better… sorry Thomas… The guitars follow the rhythmic session and when one subtly changes so does the other.

Side D continues the binge and it’s not that different, one has to be really attentive to the details about production, but the songs have a different approach of the so called “demo version”. Anyway it’s something very upbeat.

Omines Pestilentiae is an album that makes no sense listening to it in mp3 or any other digital media: this is essentially an item for collectors and if I was you I was ordering this release right away!! This is a kind of record that has to be in a frame on the wall: Highly recommended for mega radical cultists and collectors.

Omines Pestilentiae DLP is out now on Iron Bonehead.


(Daniel Death)

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