Demonic Rage – Venomous Wine From Putrid Bodies LP – Iron Bonehead

South American album receiving a vinyl edition.

Originally released last year, now Iron Bonehead is releasing this uttermost classic of brutal music in LP with a slightly different modification in track list but not in the running order.

Demonic Rage is a mega brutal and ignorant band from Chile, a prove that that country is a nest of the most demonic bands in the South American scenario.

Their sound is ultra sulphuric demoniac death metal, you can call them death black or bestial warmetal, the fact is that the whole thing is an avalanche of noisy sounds with very demonic persuasion and lyrics that utter the destruction of the fake christ, fuck him!

While the mega brutal Repugnant Shapes in a Ritualistic Coven of Death has the most difficult lyrics to follow, Evoking the Pestilence repeats the same phrase all the time like a mega satanic mantra and the short track Cadaver Christ’s Desecration is merged with it in this edition. They don’t make “old school” death metal, instead they get the elements of the metal of death from the past and empower it with the most noxious form of South American tradition: it’s interesting to note that they just don’t make “noise” because the production makes the instruments audible, but don’t expect nothing modern or tech savvy, this is the true stuff, like in the horrendous and headbanging track Sulphuric Congregation Towards the Holocaust of All Sacred and Holy.

The Fall of Nazarene has that putrid scent of Incantation and Profanatica into it (but not only in this track, of course), making them a fave between the radical and intolerant deathbangers worldwide!!!!

Ancient Symbol to Summon Necrophagous Demons from the Deep anesthetizes the eardrums with the maximum violence oozing from the speakers!!!

Last track All Pest Shall Fall over Me is another sample of how Chilean bands are ahead in terms of satanic music, and the ultra heavy riffs along with the destructive drums and vindictive vocals are meant to destroy the Christianity and put an end to this putrid religion that has been pestering the world for some two thousand years.

Demonic Rage‘s Venomous Wine From Putrid Bodies shows a new way and a new alternative to wage the war against the bastards of “Christ” and they are my weapon of choice in this war where Satanas will be victorious: come celebrate with prostitutes and poisonous wine from rotten cadavers!


 Venomous Wine From Putrid Bodies LP  is out NOW on Iron Bonehead.

(Daniel Death)

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Hellgoat – End of Man – Boris Records

Unrelenting and disgraceful piece of music

Hellgoat showcases an ultra extremist brutal death black attack: it’s one of the ultimate noisy bands to destruct your whole person in form of nuclear tunes.

This is an EP with only two songs so let’s plunge into them:

First song Demonic Worship of the Horned Beast has a menacing intro with explosions then the whole thing turns to a doomish piece of death metal akin to Incantation, then the sound progresses to something very putrid and detestable: abhorrent music with loud guitar work and brutal riffs.

End of Man is even more brutal and rambunctious: one zillion atomic bombs exploding at once and exterminating the whole fucking human race with no frills and ignorant take of real abnormal eradicative sounds from hell.

End Of Man is a great work for those who like actual unpolished attack: no tech no fun! Get it or go fucking die!


End of Man is out NOW on Boris Records

(Daniel Death)

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HOLLOW – Mordrake – Self-Released

Competent Melodic Death/Black Metal from Canada.

Hollow is a strange name but it shouldn’t be, because their new CD Mordrake presents a decent amalgamation of death black in a melodic way, and even though melodic is not your cuppa, they are not Dimmu Borgir or COF imitators, they are very original (indeed) piece of extreme band!

You know it’s not everyday that original bands appear over there and Mordrake although showcasing a lukewarm first song, starts to gain traction as songs pass, for example, in the track A New life they do a perfect balance between guttural and harsh vocals with some keyboards to give some spice to the whole recipe.

They start to perfect this formula mainly in the song called Landscape when they put on the table a myriad of influences from old to modern, and as they play the sound with gusto the guitars are very heavy and the phrases are somewhat short which a gives a sense of competence to their well produced music, but what calls the attention is the soloing that is very above the average.

Suddenly one starts to perceive why the fuck this band is still unsigned because of their extreme musical capabilities as in the song Iscariot where they show some thrash influences. Okay they show ALL influences, a clearly reflection of what the musicians listen to in their everyday life, all the forms of known metal but beware: their sound is very cohesive and although they are excellent musicians who like to play with the tempos and phrases their song IS NOT difficult to understand or to like, so it’s a case of independent band that is there, up for grabs by great guys in the music industry. It’s up-to-date- on-the-spot metal and if I had to compare them with something else I’d do it with Mayan that has a very similar gestalt, but even though they are not twin bands, Hollow don’t ape anyone, they do their stuff, and that’s what it is…

Another good song is Death, with a bassline that is heavy as hell, and the melodic part comes afterwards bringing sophisticated riffs and melodic vocalizations presenting the dynamism of this band.

Hollow is a perfect band who is looking for something new and it’s not at the odds with modern types of music that is made nowadays. Put it to spin and heavy fun with their great musical expertise.

Mordrake is out now and it’s  Self-Released

(Daniel Death)

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Rude- Soul Recall – FDA Rekotz

Excellent Old school death metal.

Rude is a relatively new band with only one demo released in 2013 and now they are reaching their great debut album called Soul Recall, a payload of muddy and brutal old school death metal piece akin to the masters like Cianide, Autopsy, Entombed and the likes…

Their sound is really loud, they play with verve, the vocals cause cancer, the guitar riffs are cautiously unintelligible and the drum work is like one billion stakes at the heart.

Songs like Haunted or In thy Name demonstrates that is not everyday that a band that claims to be old-something really lives up to their names.

But their caustic sound continues in bloody orgy in songs like Memorial and Soul Recall with the best in disgraceful riffs that kicks you in the ass and throw you directly to the past when death metal was so putrid (and no mainstream) that was relegated only to most radical headbangers out there….

The song that is noisiest is the track Forsaker with a high pitched soloing destroying your brain like a laser machine, this is disgraceful and reeks of putrefaction, hohoho.

Conjuring of Fates the longest song of the album starts off like a melodic piece, just like the introduction of Beneath the Remains of Sepultura or Coma of Souls by Kreator… and although the song doesn’t explode right away into a bloodbath, because there is a doomish piece between the parts, eventually the things start to stink and the waiting pays off: cadaveric brutal death onslaught from beyond. The vocals, as aforementioned are the best in this piece, so UHHH, UHHH, that is really radioactive and noxious.

Rude may be a new band but they play like the old guys in the old days. Brutal death metal machinery that delivers oxidized razors to one’s ears. Totally recommended.

Soul Recall is out now on FDA Rekotz.

(Daniel Death)

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Death Dealer – War Master – Pure Steel Records

Dealing death with Heavy Metal.

Death Dealer is a band that has Ross the Boss and the guy who played drums was Rhino (which I believe is not in the band anymore) and if you simply don’t know who these guys are, stop reading this review now and go back to your pseudo-metal bands. POSEUR!!!

This CD, War Master was originally released last year, but now it’s receiving a new edition by Pure Steel Records, and as long as I’m not used to review re-releases, this one deserves to be reviewed (and re-listened) because this is simply one of the most extreme heavy metal albums (and by extreme I’m not inferring death metal or black or grind) of the 2000’s and 2010’s… This is what SUPPOSED to be HEAVY METAL, but for some reason posers always try to put the truest bands down, but they will not destroy the absolute straight of Death Dealer.

The first track takes the name of the band, and man, the guitar are really “up-tuned”, they spit fire with high pitched licks and the vocals of Sean Peck is so shrill that makes the eardrums bleed with pure force of heavy metal from hell! The song structure is simply perfect, the singalong chorus just adds insult to injury and the whole mass of noisy production is a kick in the face of those who play false metal!!!! Believe me, this is the ultimate true band in the world!

Another great song is Warmaster that has a war-like (duh) feeling to it, really bloody and unrelenting as we were in a battlefield fighting for the honour of pure heavy metal attack against the infidels of the style, this is a statement of non diplomatic conversations!

Curse of the Heretic is really satanic and shows us the dark days of inquisition while the witches takes revenge in blood with help of our friend Satan himself. Don’t mess with the fucking witches dude or they shall do away with your kind.

The Devil’s Mile is the racing against Satan and the song and riffs are breathtaking while you wait the result of the speedy melee, this is total combustion fire to the most dedicated heavy metal fans around…

Wraiths on the Wind, the track that ends the CD, is the best one, and I can’t help but sing the whole lyrics because it’s ghostly and occult as fuck, while the screams of Sean Peck sends shivers down my spine with his supernatural voice from hell.

This CD is simple the most perfect thing, and there are no flaws and no frills: Death Dealer is here to assert that heavy metal is still alive in the  most violent form and it’ll be never, ever sold out to the audience of poser kids who wait for something, well, softer… Go ask your mother for soft things. Here the whole scheme is true to the bone: a game for strongest die-hards ONLY!!!!! Buy. NOW!

War Master is out now on Pure Steel Records.

(Daniel Death)

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Kaltherzig – Songs Made Of Solitude And Pain – Cold Insanity Music

Darkwave from Belarus.

Kaltherzig is a gothic, post punk, modern goth band from Belarus, and although this labels irritate me to death, they are pretty good in what they do, and their music is like a crossover  of Dead Can Dance, The Crüxshadows and Blutengel, but of course with a very original way of producing their music, using electronic synth along with real drums, and it combines the voices of Alexander Krupp and Nika NoName (who left the ensemble during the recordings for no given reasons).

The other important characteristic is that the band don’t use guitars whatsoever although I think they should, but anyway.

The songs are very melodic, even dramatic and the compositions are very good such as in the song Holad, merging a dancing rock approach to this kind of somewhat sad music… It’s sad but with style. While being from Belarus may alienate some (mainly because I do believe this kind of bands use to come from anywhere else), they aren’t really subpar to the great names of the genre (although, as I said before, they are a crossover) and the way the things are done here are really, let’s say perfect.

Another great song is Rebirth, although is not even rock, it has a great production.

The only crime Kaltherzig commits is that sometimes they flee from any type of formula known as rock and that may alienate readers of this blog, going straightforward to synthpop. But if you’re akin to some bands listed above you may find Kaltherzig very interesting.

Songs Made Of Solitude And Pain is out now on Cold Insanity Music

(Daniel Death)

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Opium Warlords – Taste My Sword Of Understanding – Svart Records

A difficult and rewarding album.

After the strangest album, We Meditate Under The Pussy In The Sky, Opium Warlords from the cold lands of Finland return with a eerier album that mixes drone, doom, melancholy and despair distributed at 72 minutes of cathartic and abstruse music.

Taste My Sword of Understanding, if nothing, can make you meditate about the occult world around us with prophetic riffs and minimal song structures in a hypnotic journey to the experimental and avant garde tunes.

The Sadness of Vultures, a drone that is the pinnacle of iteration, appeals to those who search from original and interesting music, followed by the agonizing doom metal rock The Self-Made Man: it’s useless to try and put their influences in this song that ranges from heavy psychedelia of the sixties and the seventies to the post-punk era of minimal dark ambient non-music. Actually this exchange between rock with metal with no rock and no metal at all is what keeps the listener attentive through the whole album: a natural inclination of doom metal suddenly transforms itself in an uneven rock of abrasive proportion.

The God in Ruins is a sobbing antiphon with no drumming and some deeply rooted lamenting vocals with harshly guttural uttering of purest desperation and hopeless pleading to the void (eventually a drumming enters by the second half of song to punctuate all the plight).

The bass is capital in this album as demonstrated in the song The Solar Burial which has a quiet feeling into it suddenly to explode in a doom metal piece of heavy music.

Mount Meru has the most interesting riff of the album and the organic production takes no chances, then a whispering vocal with a trippy passage is at least very interesting to return to the prior scheme of the music.

The pastoral feeling of This Place Has Been Passed is almost a long repetitive lullaby and over again it gives place to a short doom passage then the mezzo dolore, mezzo dolce piece of music gaining a layer of bucolic final piece made in a acoustic (and rustic) guitar.

In Melancholy Moonless Acheron over again brings the eerie poetry of Opium Warlords with some post rock melodic vocals, very elemental indeed.

This is a CD that requires time to absorb the sorrounding atmosphere in it. It can be blistering or quiet. To listen to it in a rainy day is the best case scenario. Kudos for this great work.

Taste My Sword Of Understanding is out NOW on Svart Records.

(Daniel Death)

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