Opium Warlords – Taste My Sword Of Understanding – Svart Records

A difficult and rewarding album.

After the strangest album, We Meditate Under The Pussy In The Sky, Opium Warlords from the cold lands of Finland return with a eerier album that mixes drone, doom, melancholy and despair distributed at 72 minutes of cathartic and abstruse music.

Taste My Sword of Understanding, if nothing, can make you meditate about the occult world around us with prophetic riffs and minimal song structures in a hypnotic journey to the experimental and avant garde tunes.

The Sadness of Vultures, a drone that is the pinnacle of iteration, appeals to those who search from original and interesting music, followed by the agonizing doom metal rock The Self-Made Man: it’s useless to try and put their influences in this song that ranges from heavy psychedelia of the sixties and the seventies to the post-punk era of minimal dark ambient non-music. Actually this exchange between rock with metal with no rock and no metal at all is what keeps the listener attentive through the whole album: a natural inclination of doom metal suddenly transforms itself in an uneven rock of abrasive proportion.

The God in Ruins is a sobbing antiphon with no drumming and some deeply rooted lamenting vocals with harshly guttural uttering of purest desperation and hopeless pleading to the void (eventually a drumming enters by the second half of song to punctuate all the plight).

The bass is capital in this album as demonstrated in the song The Solar Burial which has a quiet feeling into it suddenly to explode in a doom metal piece of heavy music.

Mount Meru has the most interesting riff of the album and the organic production takes no chances, then a whispering vocal with a trippy passage is at least very interesting to return to the prior scheme of the music.

The pastoral feeling of This Place Has Been Passed is almost a long repetitive lullaby and over again it gives place to a short doom passage then the mezzo dolore, mezzo dolce piece of music gaining a layer of bucolic final piece made in a acoustic (and rustic) guitar.

In Melancholy Moonless Acheron over again brings the eerie poetry of Opium Warlords with some post rock melodic vocals, very elemental indeed.

This is a CD that requires time to absorb the sorrounding atmosphere in it. It can be blistering or quiet. To listen to it in a rainy day is the best case scenario. Kudos for this great work.

Taste My Sword Of Understanding is out NOW on Svart Records.

(Daniel Death)

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