Ransom Call – Creatures On The Loose (Demo) – Self Released

First effort obscured by lackluster production.

Ransom Call is a new band from Slovenia that promises to deliver a sound akin to Murderdolls, Sister, Wednesday 13, Ragdolls… They practice what some people call shock rock, that crossover between punk and hard rock championed by masters like Alice Cooper.

But it’s hard to judge a very first effort of a band – it’s unclear if they had other bands in the past – and the sound although very good, lacks a proper production that nowadays can condemn a group to the eternal limbo of forgetfulness.

First song Freak Show has a very basic guitar work, quasi archaic, however all the instruments are perfectly audible, no flaws in this part. But the lack of a more profound mix work shows that this is indeed a demo effort, and there’s no mastering whatsoever, so it’s like to compare a beautiful house without a roof. The sound has no heaviness and sounds amateurish.

Their punk continues on the second track Vicious Mind which is actually a good song, very upbeat, but the drums fills are vapid and the guitars are very basilar in this one. A punkish solo complete the whole thing, but I must say the vocalist has something good in his voice and his future is certain if he invests in his musical career.

Exorcist has a terrible delay in the drums (sometimes studio tricks are necessary) and they fail to follow the metronome, but the proposition of the song is very good. So again, it’s a rad song almost destructed by second-rate job.

Cemetery Queen is the best of the whole effort and if I only had listened to this song before, I’d believe it’s a greater band. Plagued by their choice to record and release right away, it’s another good theme that could gain more potential by their good ideas.

So the thing here is basically: good ideas, rush and sugarless production. This is the very proof that hast makes waste but I’d bet on their next effort, I’m sure they will evolve.

 Creatures On The Loose (Demo) is out NOW and it’s Self Released on BANDCAMP. Click here and name your price.

(Daniel Death)

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