Death Dealer – War Master – Pure Steel Records

Dealing death with Heavy Metal.

Death Dealer is a band that has Ross the Boss and the guy who played drums was Rhino (which I believe is not in the band anymore) and if you simply don’t know who these guys are, stop reading this review now and go back to your pseudo-metal bands. POSEUR!!!

This CD, War Master was originally released last year, but now it’s receiving a new edition by Pure Steel Records, and as long as I’m not used to review re-releases, this one deserves to be reviewed (and re-listened) because this is simply one of the most extreme heavy metal albums (and by extreme I’m not inferring death metal or black or grind) of the 2000’s and 2010’s… This is what SUPPOSED to be HEAVY METAL, but for some reason posers always try to put the truest bands down, but they will not destroy the absolute straight of Death Dealer.

The first track takes the name of the band, and man, the guitar are really “up-tuned”, they spit fire with high pitched licks and the vocals of Sean Peck is so shrill that makes the eardrums bleed with pure force of heavy metal from hell! The song structure is simply perfect, the singalong chorus just adds insult to injury and the whole mass of noisy production is a kick in the face of those who play false metal!!!! Believe me, this is the ultimate true band in the world!

Another great song is Warmaster that has a war-like (duh) feeling to it, really bloody and unrelenting as we were in a battlefield fighting for the honour of pure heavy metal attack against the infidels of the style, this is a statement of non diplomatic conversations!

Curse of the Heretic is really satanic and shows us the dark days of inquisition while the witches takes revenge in blood with help of our friend Satan himself. Don’t mess with the fucking witches dude or they shall do away with your kind.

The Devil’s Mile is the racing against Satan and the song and riffs are breathtaking while you wait the result of the speedy melee, this is total combustion fire to the most dedicated heavy metal fans around…

Wraiths on the Wind, the track that ends the CD, is the best one, and I can’t help but sing the whole lyrics because it’s ghostly and occult as fuck, while the screams of Sean Peck sends shivers down my spine with his supernatural voice from hell.

This CD is simple the most perfect thing, and there are no flaws and no frills: Death Dealer is here to assert that heavy metal is still alive in the  most violent form and it’ll be never, ever sold out to the audience of poser kids who wait for something, well, softer… Go ask your mother for soft things. Here the whole scheme is true to the bone: a game for strongest die-hards ONLY!!!!! Buy. NOW!

War Master is out now on Pure Steel Records.

(Daniel Death)

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