Kaltherzig – Songs Made Of Solitude And Pain – Cold Insanity Music

Darkwave from Belarus.

Kaltherzig is a gothic, post punk, modern goth band from Belarus, and although this labels irritate me to death, they are pretty good in what they do, and their music is like a crossover  of Dead Can Dance, The Crüxshadows and Blutengel, but of course with a very original way of producing their music, using electronic synth along with real drums, and it combines the voices of Alexander Krupp and Nika NoName (who left the ensemble during the recordings for no given reasons).

The other important characteristic is that the band don’t use guitars whatsoever although I think they should, but anyway.

The songs are very melodic, even dramatic and the compositions are very good such as in the song Holad, merging a dancing rock approach to this kind of somewhat sad music… It’s sad but with style. While being from Belarus may alienate some (mainly because I do believe this kind of bands use to come from anywhere else), they aren’t really subpar to the great names of the genre (although, as I said before, they are a crossover) and the way the things are done here are really, let’s say perfect.

Another great song is Rebirth, although is not even rock, it has a great production.

The only crime Kaltherzig commits is that sometimes they flee from any type of formula known as rock and that may alienate readers of this blog, going straightforward to synthpop. But if you’re akin to some bands listed above you may find Kaltherzig very interesting.

Songs Made Of Solitude And Pain is out now on Cold Insanity Music

(Daniel Death)

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