Rude- Soul Recall – FDA Rekotz

Excellent Old school death metal.

Rude is a relatively new band with only one demo released in 2013 and now they are reaching their great debut album called Soul Recall, a payload of muddy and brutal old school death metal piece akin to the masters like Cianide, Autopsy, Entombed and the likes…

Their sound is really loud, they play with verve, the vocals cause cancer, the guitar riffs are cautiously unintelligible and the drum work is like one billion stakes at the heart.

Songs like Haunted or In thy Name demonstrates that is not everyday that a band that claims to be old-something really lives up to their names.

But their caustic sound continues in bloody orgy in songs like Memorial and Soul Recall with the best in disgraceful riffs that kicks you in the ass and throw you directly to the past when death metal was so putrid (and no mainstream) that was relegated only to most radical headbangers out there….

The song that is noisiest is the track Forsaker with a high pitched soloing destroying your brain like a laser machine, this is disgraceful and reeks of putrefaction, hohoho.

Conjuring of Fates the longest song of the album starts off like a melodic piece, just like the introduction of Beneath the Remains of Sepultura or Coma of Souls by Kreator… and although the song doesn’t explode right away into a bloodbath, because there is a doomish piece between the parts, eventually the things start to stink and the waiting pays off: cadaveric brutal death onslaught from beyond. The vocals, as aforementioned are the best in this piece, so UHHH, UHHH, that is really radioactive and noxious.

Rude may be a new band but they play like the old guys in the old days. Brutal death metal machinery that delivers oxidized razors to one’s ears. Totally recommended.

Soul Recall is out now on FDA Rekotz.

(Daniel Death)

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