HOLLOW – Mordrake – Self-Released

Competent Melodic Death/Black Metal from Canada.

Hollow is a strange name but it shouldn’t be, because their new CD Mordrake presents a decent amalgamation of death black in a melodic way, and even though melodic is not your cuppa, they are not Dimmu Borgir or COF imitators, they are very original (indeed) piece of extreme band!

You know it’s not everyday that original bands appear over there and Mordrake although showcasing a lukewarm first song, starts to gain traction as songs pass, for example, in the track A New life they do a perfect balance between guttural and harsh vocals with some keyboards to give some spice to the whole recipe.

They start to perfect this formula mainly in the song called Landscape when they put on the table a myriad of influences from old to modern, and as they play the sound with gusto the guitars are very heavy and the phrases are somewhat short which a gives a sense of competence to their well produced music, but what calls the attention is the soloing that is very above the average.

Suddenly one starts to perceive why the fuck this band is still unsigned because of their extreme musical capabilities as in the song Iscariot where they show some thrash influences. Okay they show ALL influences, a clearly reflection of what the musicians listen to in their everyday life, all the forms of known metal but beware: their sound is very cohesive and although they are excellent musicians who like to play with the tempos and phrases their song IS NOT difficult to understand or to like, so it’s a case of independent band that is there, up for grabs by great guys in the music industry. It’s up-to-date- on-the-spot metal and if I had to compare them with something else I’d do it with Mayan that has a very similar gestalt, but even though they are not twin bands, Hollow don’t ape anyone, they do their stuff, and that’s what it is…

Another good song is Death, with a bassline that is heavy as hell, and the melodic part comes afterwards bringing sophisticated riffs and melodic vocalizations presenting the dynamism of this band.

Hollow is a perfect band who is looking for something new and it’s not at the odds with modern types of music that is made nowadays. Put it to spin and heavy fun with their great musical expertise.

Mordrake is out now and it’s  Self-Released

(Daniel Death)

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