Demonic Rage – Venomous Wine From Putrid Bodies LP – Iron Bonehead

South American album receiving a vinyl edition.

Originally released last year, now Iron Bonehead is releasing this uttermost classic of brutal music in LP with a slightly different modification in track list but not in the running order.

Demonic Rage is a mega brutal and ignorant band from Chile, a prove that that country is a nest of the most demonic bands in the South American scenario.

Their sound is ultra sulphuric demoniac death metal, you can call them death black or bestial warmetal, the fact is that the whole thing is an avalanche of noisy sounds with very demonic persuasion and lyrics that utter the destruction of the fake christ, fuck him!

While the mega brutal Repugnant Shapes in a Ritualistic Coven of Death has the most difficult lyrics to follow, Evoking the Pestilence repeats the same phrase all the time like a mega satanic mantra and the short track Cadaver Christ’s Desecration is merged with it in this edition. They don’t make “old school” death metal, instead they get the elements of the metal of death from the past and empower it with the most noxious form of South American tradition: it’s interesting to note that they just don’t make “noise” because the production makes the instruments audible, but don’t expect nothing modern or tech savvy, this is the true stuff, like in the horrendous and headbanging track Sulphuric Congregation Towards the Holocaust of All Sacred and Holy.

The Fall of Nazarene has that putrid scent of Incantation and Profanatica into it (but not only in this track, of course), making them a fave between the radical and intolerant deathbangers worldwide!!!!

Ancient Symbol to Summon Necrophagous Demons from the Deep anesthetizes the eardrums with the maximum violence oozing from the speakers!!!

Last track All Pest Shall Fall over Me is another sample of how Chilean bands are ahead in terms of satanic music, and the ultra heavy riffs along with the destructive drums and vindictive vocals are meant to destroy the Christianity and put an end to this putrid religion that has been pestering the world for some two thousand years.

Demonic Rage‘s Venomous Wine From Putrid Bodies shows a new way and a new alternative to wage the war against the bastards of “Christ” and they are my weapon of choice in this war where Satanas will be victorious: come celebrate with prostitutes and poisonous wine from rotten cadavers!


 Venomous Wine From Putrid Bodies LP  is out NOW on Iron Bonehead.

(Daniel Death)

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