Hellgoat – End of Man – Boris Records

Unrelenting and disgraceful piece of music

Hellgoat showcases an ultra extremist brutal death black attack: it’s one of the ultimate noisy bands to destruct your whole person in form of nuclear tunes.

This is an EP with only two songs so let’s plunge into them:

First song Demonic Worship of the Horned Beast has a menacing intro with explosions then the whole thing turns to a doomish piece of death metal akin to Incantation, then the sound progresses to something very putrid and detestable: abhorrent music with loud guitar work and brutal riffs.

End of Man is even more brutal and rambunctious: one zillion atomic bombs exploding at once and exterminating the whole fucking human race with no frills and ignorant take of real abnormal eradicative sounds from hell.

End Of Man is a great work for those who like actual unpolished attack: no tech no fun! Get it or go fucking die!


End of Man is out NOW on Boris Records

(Daniel Death)

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