Deus Ignotus – Procession of an Old Religion MCD – Forever Plagued

Greek Orthodox Black/Death Attack

Deus Ignotus presents us with a new EP which is the follow up to their 2012 debut Chrismation and boy this is really satanic and occult.

Procession of an Old Religion castigates the eardrums with waves of brutal devilish music for fans of Black Witchery and the likes clocking in at 16 minutes of pure destruction ritual.

After the spoken intro, the song Seven Tongue Encapturement showcases a black death massacre with over the top rifferama amidst noisy (and noisome) array of instrumentations, like the most brutal drumming in the back ground and the vocals ripping the eardrums flesh.

Putrid Empire pays tribute to the old gods of this infamous style like Blasphemy, and although the production is in consonance with what is done today, the feeling is REALLY oldschool and if one can point out the greatest merit of Deus Ignotus is the ability to do the old school stomp without sounding like a mere imitation or just another “war” band. Their cult is exclusive but always paying tribute to the gods of yore.

Blood Of The Apostles is pure unrest in musical form as if demons were trying to get away from the chasmal hell they have created. Arrrgghhh this number is really disgraceful and remembers me the works of Archgoat and Impiety.

Dogmatheist, the last track, has an intriguing opening riff, difficult to figure out at a first heed. Nonetheless, it is a degrading piece of noise black attack.

This MCD is a classic example that even when a style starts to become saturated (in 2014 everybody seems to be black death) there is a band that can show originality within the chaos. Great work of these Greek warriors!

Procession of an Old Religion is out now on Forever Plagued

(Daniel Death)

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