Cold Colours – MMXIV – Self-released

Subpar production for a good band.

I could be complacent with this release but when you discover that Cold Colours (the American band from Minneapolis) is active since 1999 and they haven’t learned how to play an album properly, you want to simply ignore them.

So let’s not treat this piece of information as a review but as an open letter to the guys of the band:

The songs of Cold Colours are really good, for example the first track Heathen has plenty of ambitious passages in conformity to their European counterparts of doom metal persuasion. But really where’s the mastering? (Dan Swano did it, but somewhat the production hindered him to make his work properly). This sounds like a demo and if they were mere newcomers I’d understand, but what I cannot understand are the mistakes in the production (made by Zachary Letourneau, the guy who plays guitar in the band These Worlds Collide), like the lack of heaviness and the bad drum fills (totally out of tempo). According to the site Metal Archives this is their TENTH release, so seriously…

From This Pain follows the same logic of the first track; good ideas lost in a trail of despondency: not the artistic despondency which would be excellent in their style but a somewhat laziness in execution and production.

Last track Terminal Winter wears out their welcome and thanks fuck this MCD has only 3 tracks.

Okay, it’s easy to do a smear campaign against a band that you simply dislike for laziness as well (and Satan knows how many reviews I have to write), but their riffs are good, the idea are good, the songs are good, the compositions are good, the guitarist is good… all lost in the cheap production… All I have to say to these guys is: PAY ATTENTION TO THE DETAILS, BECAUSE THEY DO MAKE THE DIFFERENCE…

MMXIV is out now and it is Self Released.

(Daniel Death)

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