BJARM – Imminence – Fono

Great Extreme Symphonic Music from Russia.

Russia’s Bjarm comes with this debut album, full of good songs and the excellent production is second to none.

They are a somewhat new entity and that’s what is more impressing in them: they act like a veteran band, with the over the top complex compositions and the beefy sound of the melodic guitars: newcomers they are not!!!!

For example, the first track Approaching of the Close has layers upon layers of good orchestrated parts. I mean, even if you think you are good the guys of Bjarm are better than you! Why? Just because this prelude shows right off the bat what these dudes have to offer: complexity and dexterity in a crescendo of a gargantuan opera.

 Knowledge of Doom, the proper song after the “intro” puts some guttural vocalizations in contrast to angelical feminine voices and what a great number, following the very same gestalt throughout the album, going to and fro between “beauty and beast” form of musical approach.

Of course this is a CD indicated only for admirers and die hards of this very style of music, since this album demands time and an acute ear to understand the whole thing.

Another great number is Nine Worlds with its melancholic, yet ominous vibe with heavy music covered by keyboards in a mix of Turisas and Dimmu Borgir. Over again this composition shows they are set to become big shots in this game…

Imminence is a remarkable work of a band that deserves to gain worldwide recognition for their gusto and their force. Honestly, it’s not everyday you’ll hear a debut like this.

 Imminence is out now on Fono.

(Daniel Death)

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